Thank you Letters

Thank You Letters

Acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude form the essence of  thank you letters.  A thank you letter conveys to every giver that their gesture has not gone unnoticed.  Timing is important, so make sure you pen this letter as soon as possible.

It is best to send out handwritten thank you letters.  In case this is not possible, use personalized stationery and include a handwritten line or two at the end.

While writing a thank you letter remember to keep it short and sincere.  Acknowledge the gesture by mentioning about it specifically.  It could have been a gift, a cheque for a charity or a birthday present.  This will reassure the reader that you mean what you say and that it is not a general letter.

The letter can also mention how much the gesture has meant to you or how it has made a difference to you.  Do not use flowery language and exaggerated praise while thanking.  It can sound phony.  Your sincerity should shine in your simplicity.

Termination Letters

Termination Letters

Writing termination letters may not be the most pleasant of tasks, but if the situation so demands you must be in a position to do so.  Termination letters must be given only after several attempts have been made earlier to resolve the issue on hand with the employee.

While writing a termination letter it is important to remember that it is a legal document and must include facts and reasons for the termination.  Substantiate the reasons with days, dates and other valid details.  Do not make sweeping statements about the unsuitability of the employee to continue to work.

It is best to recount all the measures taken up to this point, including disciplinary discussions, meetings, etc. to resolve the situation.  Mention that you are resorting to this choice after all previous efforts have failed.  Quote company policies in such matters.

It is important to strike the right balance between stating the reasons for termination and concern for the employee’s future.  Refrain from using rude and accusatory statements.

Be specific about the effective date of termination and the formalities which need to be finished.  Conclude by offering best wishes for the employee’s future.

Tax Letters

Tax Letters

Tax letters are generally framed as documents that state the terms and conditions of the taxation procedures. These are very much official as they involve transactions of national importance. Proper payment of taxes at the correct time is the responsibility of every individual citizen; hence they should understand all rules and regulations that govern the same.

Almost every item and service involves a tax associated with it and the owners or recipients are bound to pay them. Tax letters are written so as to make them fully aware of a number of aspects which determine the success of tax payments. Any complications or complaints related to the payment of taxes, from the side of the payer, also fall under the category of tax letters. Such letters can thus be of numerous types, but each of them should necessarily pertain to the basic format of such documents. A common form of the letter may be forwarded to a number of people, but the respective names and address should be filled in so as to inform the specific person. The primary points and issues to be kept in mind while framing a tax letter include:

  • All dates of payment should be clearly mentioned along with the amounts, and clauses of punishment for not abiding by the set rules should also be included in the letter.
  • The citizen, if the case be so, should properly state the problems related to the payment of tax and should also include the complaint number, along with necessary documents.

The record of tax letters should be maintained for future reference.

Solicitation Letters

Solicitation Letters

Solicitation letters, as the name clearly suggest, are documents written in the form of official letters to plead some person or company to offer help, generally for charity or such human purposes. The purpose of solicitation letters may range from funding of schools or homes for the unfortunate people, health and blood-donation camps, charity program, sponsors to fundraising event management, auctions, campaigning for social activities, etc.

All solicitation letters do not fall under similar category but the basic format remains unchanged. These letters always begin with the name and address of the sender followed by those of the recipient, along with respective company names. The salutation of the letter has to be decided as per the purpose and the existing relationship between both parties. There are a few aspects that need to be considered for framing an appropriate and perfect solicitation letter, such as:

  • It is to be realized that many such important letters are drafted each day and hence the introduction should clearly represent the actual details of the solicitation so that the concerned individual or company, whoever the letter has been subject to, understands the fundamental concept.
  • Solicitation letters should necessarily convey the need for the same and, more importantly, the reason for approaching the particular firm for the cause.
  • All particulars related to the event or cause requiring solicitation is to be provided.

The letter should be written in a sincerely grateful tone and not look like some business agreement.

Scholarship Letters

Scholarship Letters

Scholarship letters are basically written to an educational institute or some organization or agency that sponsors scholarships to students for higher education or even studies abroad. These letters may either be on behalf of a student applying for a scholarship or the one given by the institute or organization in reply to the request for scholarship. In either of the forms, a professional tone should be prominent, in accordance with the purpose of such letters.

Scholarship letters are structured in a way so as to appeal to the concerned body in a convincing way, so much so that the scholarship is granted to the applicant. In cases where the organization is to answer the claim for scholarship, it should take proper care of the vital fact that only the best person should deserve it and there should not be any sort of partiality or biasness. The following points are extremely noteworthy when it comes to framing scholarship letters effectively:

  • Scholarship letters should be clear and concise and should depict the main purpose in minimum words.
  • It should be taken due care that the exact particulars are included and necessary documents provided along with the letter.
  • The letter should include qualities possessed by the applicant, as required by the concerned authority. That is, the candidate necessarily needs to fulfill all eligibility criteria.

The salutation of the letter is a crucial portion to be considered and should be written with suitable words so as to pay respect to the recipient.

Cover Letters

Sample Cover Letters

Cover letters are introduction documents that are written and attached together with other documents. A cover letter is the first contact the receiver has with you. Therefore no effort should be spared to ensure that it is done well. Most of the times cover letters accompany resume, curriculum vitae or business documents.>

Basically a cover letter should be simple and straight forward. It should not be more than a page long and 2 to 3 short but succinct paragraphs. By reading your cover letter the reader should be drawn to read the attached document(s). The cover letter should not be a repetition of what is in the attached documents but should give the reader a glimpse of what to expect.  There are different cover letters written for different purposes.

You should not use the same cover letter to apply for different jobs for instance. Before you embark on crafting a cover letter take your time and get all the necessarily background information. Know about the organization or the reader you are sending the cover letter to. Research how to write good cover letters. Find different cover letter samples and work your cover letter around those samples.

A well written, highly targeted cover letter greatly increases your chances of getting what you want. It could be a job interview, a business deal, etc. Therefore take your time to research and write a good cover letter. You will thank yourself you did.

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Sales Letters

Sales Letters

The purpose of any sales letter is to sell and many companies depend a lot on them to boost their sales.  But these are unsolicited letters, so it is important to ensure that your sales letter does not go unnoticed.

First impressions can make or mar your sales pitch, so make a good opening statement.  The first paragraph should grab the reader’s attention and make him/her want to continue to read the rest of the letter.

An effective sales letter is one which can give enough details to the reader and whet their appetite for knowing more about the product or services.  It should be interesting, but at the same time it should not be overstated.  It is best to stick to facts as everybody appreciates honesty.

You can gain credibility by giving references of any of your loyal clientele.  In case this is not possible, give the details of your website or other sources from where the reader can get to know more about your business.

As you close the letter remember to reiterate about your product/service and also thank the reader for the time and effort.  You can also promise to follow-up this letter with a personal meeting to take the sales-pitch to the next level.

Romantic Letters

Romantic Letters

Romance is perhaps one of the sweetest feelings on earth, shared between two people who happen to be in love with each other. The 21st century has witnessed a drastic technological transformation, but the language of love has never changed with the advent of cell phone texts or e-mails, etc. and hence romantic letters can be seen as much in practice now-a-days even. These letters are very special documents which are framed with sweet and caring words that come straight from a true lover’s heart, and are important ones on the receiver’s part as well to be lovingly kept as sweet memories of the relationship.

Romantic letters can be given not only to one’s boyfriend or girlfriend but also to husband, wife or any beloved person. The basic criterion of any such letter is that it should be written beautifully so as to shower loads of love and happiness on the respective person. Some fundamental aspects to be considered while penning down such sweet and emotional letters are:

  • Romantic letters should never lack originality. Every person has a unique way of expressing his/ her love and that is surely respected; hence one should never feel awkward to put in the exact words from the heart into the letter. In fact, it will make the letter attain a truly heart-touching feel.
  • Romantic letters, being personal, should maintain the said status and can always contain cherished incidents from the past.

Romantic letters can be written anytime and for any purpose, but it should always exhibit true love, passion and commitment.

Retirement Letters

Retirement Letters

Retirement letter is an official letter of communication to inform the organization about your imminent retirement.  It is a formal letter and is generally addressed to the immediate superior who may then forward it to the HR department.  It is generally written about four to six weeks prior to the actual date of retirement.

Begin your letter by stating the reason for your writing which is your impending retirement.  Mention the date of retirement along with the post from which you are retiring.  Include particulars about medical and other relevant details including retirement benefits which you may be entitled to.

Take the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the co-operation of the people in your own and other departments.  As a gesture of goodwill offer to help your successor in any which way you can, to ensure a smooth transition.  After putting in a number of years of service, your help may prove invaluable to the organization during this period of changeover.

Before concluding, make sure to leave a communication address and contact numbers where the company can reach you.

Resignation Letters

Resignation Letters

Resignation letters are as important as application letters if not more.  Remember, the last impression must leave a lasting impression.  It is important to write the resignation letter in a polite and courteous tone, whatever maybe the reasons for your resigning.  You must keep in mind that resignation letters are considered as official documents and will continue to be in the personnel files of the organization you are leaving.

It is a formal letter and should be written in the suitable format.  Make sure to reiterate facts like the post from which you are resigning and the effective date of your release.  It is also imperative to give genuine and valid reasons for leaving a job.

It is a good time to thank the organization, peers and superiors for the work-experience and overall growth you have garnered.  This gesture helps you leave with good will and can stand you in good stead when you are looking for a reference letter.

Though resignation letters are generally the last official communication you have with the organization, it is important not to burn any bridges.