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How to write a flirty letter

A flirty letter is a fun & love filled letter with some naughty words for the one you love or you are in relationship with. Writing a flirty letter is a god creative idea to surprise your loved one with such kind of text. A flirty letter will definitely bring a long lasting smile on the face of the reader. And it is also a good way to keep love & naughtiness alive in your relation. Following are few tips on writing a flirty letter.

  • While writing a flirty letter, you can scent the paper or you can choose a cute letter pad with emoticons.
  • Along with the text in the letter, you can also include smileys with different expressions after the line ends. Smileys can go with the mood of the emotion written in a line.
  • While writing a flirty letter, use some naughty words, use vivid & descriptive language and you can persuade the reader to get surprised by writing love-filled romantic & naughty notes in the letter.
  • You can also insert some cute images & pictures which can give your letter a flirtatious romantic look. Do not forget to end the letter with a surprising note or a romantic invitation.



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Romantic Letters

Romantic Letters

Romance is perhaps one of the sweetest feelings on earth, shared between two people who happen to be in love with each other. The 21st century has witnessed a drastic technological transformation, but the language of love has never changed with the advent of cell phone texts or e-mails, etc. and hence romantic letters can be seen as much in practice now-a-days even. These letters are very special documents which are framed with sweet and caring words that come straight from a true lover’s heart, and are important ones on the receiver’s part as well to be lovingly kept as sweet memories of the relationship.

Romantic letters can be given not only to one’s boyfriend or girlfriend but also to husband, wife or any beloved person. The basic criterion of any such letter is that it should be written beautifully so as to shower loads of love and happiness on the respective person. Some fundamental aspects to be considered while penning down such sweet and emotional letters are:

  • Romantic letters should never lack originality. Every person has a unique way of expressing his/ her love and that is surely respected; hence one should never feel awkward to put in the exact words from the heart into the letter. In fact, it will make the letter attain a truly heart-touching feel.
  • Romantic letters, being personal, should maintain the said status and can always contain cherished incidents from the past.

Romantic letters can be written anytime and for any purpose, but it should always exhibit true love, passion and commitment.

Romantic Letters

Romantic Letter to Fiance


Percy Yate,

King’s Lynn,


London, PE30

18th May, 2011

Dear Percy,

I was leading an aimless life until the day we were engaged and you came into my life as an angel. I am so lucky that you are part of my life and has given me a true meaning to how one should lead their lives. I still can’t forget the gleam that I saw in your eyes on the day we were engaged. There is nothing more beautiful in my life so far than having got you in my life. I just can’t wait for that day when you will turn into my wife from a fiancé.

I am sure that you share an equal love with me and will always be there by my side at all times. Your smiling face just keeps revolving in front of my eyes and I simply get lost in the wonderful memories of the times we spend together.

Eagerly waiting to see you as my wife.

Yours Lovingly,

William Ruth.

Romantic Letters

Tips to Write a Romantic Letter

Love is the most beautiful thing on this earth. Every person wants to share their romantic feeling with someone in their life. Romance can be expressed in many ways. One of the best ways to express ones love is through a romantic letter. From times immemorial people have been expressing their feelings with the help of romantic letters.

Though there is no specific rule that one has to follow while writing a romantic letter, one should keep the following things in mind while writing a romantic letter.

  • The key to writing a wonderful romantic letter is to be as expressive as possible with narration in words.
  • The letter should reflect one’s true feelings about the person to whom the letter is addressed.
  • Some of the things that can be mentioned in a romantic letter are the importance of that person in one’s life and what it will mean to live without that person.
  • Effort should also be made to make the person feel special and enhance bonding in the relationship through the romantic letter.
Romantic Letters

Good Romantic Letter


Mary Overton,



London, LN5

15th March, 2012

My Dear Mary,

It is only your entry into my life that has made me feel so special and changed it completely. You have filled my life with bed of roses and I feel it would have been bed of thorns had you not been there for me at all the times. You are such a sweetheart and there are so many things that make you such a special person in my life.

You are the most beautiful person in my life and I am glad that you are part of my life. You are the greatest asset in my life and I bet no one can ever fill your place for me in my life. I can’t imagine my life without you and my love for you will never ever diminish in this life. I will love you as always.

Always Your love,

Thomas Dickson.

Romantic Letters

Best Romantic Letter

Dear Lisa,

The day I saw you for the first time the dry river of my life started flowing with the serene water of your love. You changed my life and now it is just happiness and bliss all around. With you I feel on the top of the world. You inspire me to grow and motivate me to achieve the best in life. You are my inspiration and you are also my destination. My life starts with you and I wish it also ends with you. I feel complete with you and you bring the fresh air of joy in my life.

I want to spend rest of my life with you. You are the love of my life and I really cannot imagine any life without you. I would like to be with you forever and ever.

Will you please marry me!!

Yours and always only lovingly yours


Romantic Letters

Sweet Romantic Letter

Dear Louis,

It’s been seven years since we know each other. The day you entered my life my deserted life blossomed with the flowers of love and happiness. You gave a new direction and destination to my life. Since our college days I liked you. I did not come to know when that liking got converted into true love. You have been my best companion so far. With you the life seems like a rainbow filled with various beautiful colours.

I would like to become your life partner and that will be the best day of my life. My love for you will remain the same till eternity. I promise you that you will always be my prince charming even when your hair will turn grey. I really thank you for being a part of my life and I know with your love, my life will be a never ending saga of bliss and triumph.

Love you forever.


Romantic Letters

Romantic Honeymoon Letter

April 10th 2011


Dear Mark,

I could not imagine any place which can be more beautiful than our honeymoon destination: Switzerland. I just loved your surprise for choosing such exquisite place for our honeymoon. It’s been just a week since we tied the knot of marriage. I am dreaming about the lovely life which is ahead of us. Sitting on the lovely snow and watching snow all over is giving me a glimpse of stunning and bright life which is ahead of me.

I will always love you and be with you. I assure you that my love for you will never change. I want you to be with me through all the ups and downs of the life. I know you will at all times take care of me in the best promising manner.

Thanks a ton for your love, commitment and also for this lovely honeymoon.

Love you forever


Romantic Letters

Romantic Letter to Colleague

Dear Jennie,

Hope you would be doing great!

You must be keen to know that why do I need to write you a letter when we meet every day in the office. You have been my best colleague and a true mate since last one year. We have been sharing our work and tasks together but now I wish to share my entire life with you.

Jennie I like you since I saw you for the first time. The way you behave with others and the way you take care of everyone just touched my heart. I keep thinking about you all the time. I want you to become my life partner. My love for you is true and genuine but I do not want to impose my feelings upon you. I want you to think and let me know your answer on the same.

I will wait for your response and my heart says it will be positive.

Yours Forever

Joseph Peter

Romantic Letters

Wedding Anniversary Romantic Letter

My Sweetheart,

It is hard to believe that it has been 3 years we have been together as life partner. It just seems like we have just met, this journey with you has been awesome. I am very fortunate to get you as my better half. You are the most beautiful and lovely lady in the world. Now as we are celebrating our three years of togetherness, I just wish to be with you forever and ever.

The day when we got married is indeed the luckiest day of my life. You have just changed my life. The way you take care of me and my family is really admirable. I just wish that our love always remain young and fresh even when we grow old. I could never thank you enough for whatever you are doing for me and my lovely darling little daughter.

May this life of bliss continue till I breathe last!

Happy Anniversary

Love You Always