Credit Letters

Credit Salary Letter


Mr. Richard Ainsworth,

#4, Liverpool,


London, L37

Date : 14th September 2012

Subject : Letter for credit salary

Dear Mr. Richard,

We are hereby writing from London Global Bank with regard to the credit salary request letter received from your company ABC Corporation. Your company has sent us a letter dated 1st September seeking to provide one month’s salary as advance credit to all their employees.

We are happy to inform you that your name is part of the list of employees who will receive one month’s salary as credit along with the salary for this month. We have agreed to the credit being given on the condition that the employees will furnish their documents such as personal identity documents, credit card details etc within a period of one week of receipt of this letter.

We are enclosing a form along with this letter which you need to fill up and sent it across to our bank within the time frame specified above. We will on receipt of the enclosed form and said documents will process your credit salary and transfer it to your salary account. Please remember that this is a credit salary being issued without any security and only on the basis of the letter of recommendation issued by your employer. Therefore ensure to submit the necessary documents properly for no further delay in receiving credit salary.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris Thomas.

Manager – London Global Bank.

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