What Are The Examples Of Formal Letters?

A formal letter is a kind of a letter which is written for a formal purpose or is sent to someone who you are linked with in a formal way or manner. A formal letter is written by following a formal format and an impersonal tone. Formal letters are very widely used and are required for a lot of varied purposes. Any such letter holds extreme importance and thus it must be written quite carefully following a certain code. If you want to know about the different examples of formal letters, then the following points shall be really useful for you.

  • Cover letter-this category of formal letters is used by a person to talk about his/her skills and qualifications and is sent to companies or organizations where he/she is applying for a job. These letters are often attached with resumes or application letters of the applicant.
  • Resignation letter-a resignation letter is a kind of a letter which is written by an employee to resign from a company or an organization. These formal letters have a formal format and a professional tone.
  • Business letters- business letters are the letters which are either sent or received within a business organization or amongst different companies for a business related purpose. These letters are further divided into many sub categories of formal letters.
  • Legal letters-a legal letter is a type of a formally drafted letter which holds legal importance and is used to send and receive legal information. This category is also very widely used and popular.
  • Application letters-an application letter is a type of a letter which is used by a person to apply for a job, academic course, educational degree or any other program etc. These letters are always written formally by following a certain formal code of writing.

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