Credit Letters

Credit Termination Letter


Mr. Richard Campbell,

#5, Preston, Lancashire,

London, PR1

Date : 15th August 2012

Subject : Termination of credit received from the bank

Dear Mr. Richard,

We are hereby writing this letter from XYZ International Bank that we regret to terminate the credit extended to you six months ago. There are many reasons for our taking this painful decision of credit termination.

Remember that when we extended the credit to your six months ago there were certain terms and conditions set out for offering the credit. But you have not fulfilled any of the terms in these months. We have always received late payment of your credit payments for which we have been levying late payment fees. Even after repeated warning letters from our bank you have never made the payment on time nor have you responded to our letters at any point of time.

This attitude is not something that the bank can agree to and feel that we will not be able to continue the credit offered to you. We therefore request that you make full settlement of the credit offered by us within 14 days of receipt of this letter. You can find out the outstanding balance from the phone numbers mentioned below. Please take this credit termination letter as final decision from our side and make payment of your outstanding credit with us.

Yours Truly,

Mac Brown

XYZ International Bank


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