Romantic Letters

Wedding Anniversary Romantic Letter

My Sweetheart,

It is hard to believe that it has been 3 years we have been together as life partner. It just seems like we have just met, this journey with you has been awesome. I am very fortunate to get you as my better half. You are the most beautiful and lovely lady in the world. Now as we are celebrating our three years of togetherness, I just wish to be with you forever and ever.

The day when we got married is indeed the luckiest day of my life. You have just changed my life. The way you take care of me and my family is really admirable. I just wish that our love always remain young and fresh even when we grow old. I could never thank you enough for whatever you are doing for me and my lovely darling little daughter.

May this life of bliss continue till I breathe last!

Happy Anniversary

Love You Always


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