Retirement Letters

Voluntary Retirement Letter


Mr. Anthony Christopher

Head HR Department

Beverley software Ltd

H-12, Fifth floor

Beverley, North Humberside

2 September 2011

Subject: Voluntary Retirement Letter

Dear Mr. Christopher

I would like to take a voluntary retirement from the position of Chief Administration Manager from Beverley software Ltd. It has been 20 years since I joined this organization. I really enjoyed working with this esteemed organization which provided me the best opportunity to learn and grow. Even though I still have 5 more years of my service left in the organization but I would like to get a voluntary retirement before that.

I have some medical complications due to which I would like to get the voluntary retirement. I have completed all my family responsibilities and its time that I take care of my health for a healthy living. I believe that you will respect my decision and will grant me the voluntary retirement which should be effective from the end of this month.

Thanking you

Louis Parker

Chief Administration Manager

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