Romantic Letters

Romantic Letter to Fiance


Percy Yate,

King’s Lynn,


London, PE30

18th May, 2011

Dear Percy,

I was leading an aimless life until the day we were engaged and you came into my life as an angel. I am so lucky that you are part of my life and has given me a true meaning to how one should lead their lives. I still can’t forget the gleam that I saw in your eyes on the day we were engaged. There is nothing more beautiful in my life so far than having got you in my life. I just can’t wait for that day when you will turn into my wife from a fiancé.

I am sure that you share an equal love with me and will always be there by my side at all times. Your smiling face just keeps revolving in front of my eyes and I simply get lost in the wonderful memories of the times we spend together.

Eagerly waiting to see you as my wife.

Yours Lovingly,

William Ruth.

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