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How to write a flirty letter

A flirty letter is a fun & love filled letter with some naughty words for the one you love or you are in relationship with. Writing a flirty letter is a god creative idea to surprise your loved one with such kind of text. A flirty letter will definitely bring a long lasting smile on the face of the reader. And it is also a good way to keep love & naughtiness alive in your relation. Following are few tips on writing a flirty letter.

  • While writing a flirty letter, you can scent the paper or you can choose a cute letter pad with emoticons.
  • Along with the text in the letter, you can also include smileys with different expressions after the line ends. Smileys can go with the mood of the emotion written in a line.
  • While writing a flirty letter, use some naughty words, use vivid & descriptive language and you can persuade the reader to get surprised by writing love-filled romantic & naughty notes in the letter.
  • You can also insert some cute images & pictures which can give your letter a flirtatious romantic look. Do not forget to end the letter with a surprising note or a romantic invitation.



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Friendship Letters

Friendship Letters

Friendship letters are a great way of staying in touch with your friends as they keep the channel of communication open.  Communication is essential in any relationship and friendships can only thrive when you take the time and effort to keep in touch with each other.

Friendship letters are all about being ‘yourself’ without any façade or formality. While writing the letters, avoid any artificiality or drama in the content and steer clear of all forms of rhetoric.  The intimacy of your friendship will dictate the content.

It is good to avoid mushy language and overt terms of endearment when you are writing to a friend of the opposite sex.  This helps in avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings at a later stage.

The tone of the letters should be suitably informal and can even be colloquial.  Write your letters in the same tone and manner as you would talk to your friend.

The letters can update your friends about the happenings in your life.  You can even ask their opinions about certain decisions or actions you have taken.  This is a good way of getting an immediate response from them, and it assures of a sustained flow of letters in both directions.

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Ron Howard

Managing Director

Little Group Limited

45 Yankee Doodle Road

New York, New jersey 4567

Dated: 23rd of October 2012

Dear Mr. Howard,

I, on behalf of Help the World Organization would like to bring to your kind notice that we are planning to organize education facility centers for children in Somalia.  In order to do that, we would be requiring a huge amount of fund.

You must be aware that ninety percent of the children in Somalia are deprived of a normal lifestyle. Even it is difficult for them to have proper nutrition. We are trying our best so that the childhood of these children are not wasted. So we are providing education facility to them so that they receive basic education.

It would be great if you could provide a certain amount to add on to the fund required to provide these facilities to them.

Thanking you,

Jose Moore

Relations Manager

Help the World Organization

Friendship Letters

Friendship Letter To Him

Dear Troy,

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your promotion for becoming a president of our College union. Finally your hard works and passion to lead the union has come true!

I always told you that your will power and strength will make you successful on the day of election. I am proud to declare to the crowd that my friend Troy is now the president of Youth College Union. I enjoyed being a part of this election tenure. It was fun when we both used to campaign for you by shouting “VOTE FOR TROY! VOTE FOR TROY! ” . I loved each and every moment of being with you during this time.

I am very happy for you that you have finally achieved the position of a president. You would be now busy with your responsibilities and tasks. In the midst of all, I believe that you won’t ever forget me!

Congratulations to you!

With love,

Charles Henry.

Friendship Letters

Friendship Letter To Her

Dearest Susie,

I believe my letter finds you in the pink of your health. We all are doing fine here and hope the same for your side too. Let me tell you that I am missing you a lot these days. This is the reason that I can’t stop myself writing second letter to you in just two weeks.

Susie, I never knew that we will become so close one day! When I think about our friendship, I have a feeling of being the luckiest to have a friend like you. Last night, I went for a dinner with my locality friends. I was missing all the fun moments we used to have when we used to go for dining together. Though I was accompanied by many good people around, I never feel the same as I felt with you.

Though we live in different cities and we have our own new friends, you will be by best friend forever! The trueness and caress I have with you is impossible to find with someone else.

Stay in touch!


Linda George.



Friendship Letters

Friendship Letters

Friendship Letter Example


Mary Joseph

6744 Square Street

Park Avenue

New York, 378364

Date: 2nd April, 2012

Dear Mary,

I hope this letter finds you in best of your spirits. I was thinking of you since last so many days and even tried calling your mobile number but it was going out of reach. So finally I decided to write you a letter. Hope all is fine at your end. How are your studies going on? Hope you are enjoying your post graduation course for which you worked so hard to get the scholarship.

Yesterday I went to our old college to collect my degree and while visiting there I remembered all the fun times that we used to have when we were in the college together. I still remember the day when I first met you. At that point of time I had no clue that you would become an important part of my life and my best friend.

Today I take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for me. I really feel myself lucky to have a best friend like you. Thanks once again for everything and hope to see you soon in the vacations.

Yours loving friend,



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Friendship Letters

Letter to a Friend

Dearest Martha,

Firstly receive my best wishes and tell me how you are? How are uncle and aunt?  I and my family members are all well! It’s been so long that we exchanged letters. Sadly, we lost all our contact once you got married.

A thought of you was hitting my mind since past two weeks. I searched for your contacts and tried to call you but I guess your number has been changed. I was missing the time when you stood by my side all the time. You were the only one who continuously raised my spirits high when I felt low.  I am really lucky and proud to have a friend like you. You had something different in you that made me respect your friendship the most.

After marriage you shifted and got transferred to many countries with your husband. But I am glad to know from Franz that you are now in New York. Let us plan to meet some day and revive our old bond.

I drop my pen here and wait for a reply of yours. My contact number here in New York is 098-9889-8888.

Take Care!


Hannah Watson.



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Friendship Letters

Caring Letter to a Friend

Dear Troy,

I received a call from your mom last night. She was complaining that you are driving your new motorcycle very carelessly and speedily. She was very worried and asked me to make you understand as I am your only close friend.

Troy, I was informed that you are honking unnecessarily on the in early morning and late nights without bothering about neighbours. I have heard that your bike slipped and you got scratched up on your elbow. I never expected this from you! I always thought you to be a responsible son of your parents.

As per your mother’s expectations, I hope you will respect what I say. Please do not drive your bike speedily specially at the peak hours. Your excitement for your new bike should not be a disaster for your family. I believe that you will follow my advice. You are mature enough to understand the circumstances of reckless driving. Please take care of yourself and apologise to your mom, promising not to repeat the same.

With Love,

Christ Browne

Friendship Letters

Emotional Letter to Friend

Dearest John,

I am writing this letter with great sorrow and regrets. I am really sorry for having a fight with you at that restaurant last week. I am ashamed of my behaviour towards you.

I cannot live without you by my side. I just can’t figure out the reason why I lost my temper over a very small reason and shouted at you. I never meant to hurt you and break my terms with you. You know how special is our friendship and how healthy is our bond. I got angry seeing you with some other guys at the party and making jokes on me and thus I lost my control.

John, your friendship to me is really very precious and I want to be with you till the end of my life. I know, after reading this letter you will forgive me and will call me tomorrow morning for a fresh hangout!

Please forget this incident for once and accept my apology. I will wait for your call.

Your friend,

Joe Roy


Friendship Messages

Friendship Letters

Friendly Letter Template


___________________ [name of the recipient]

___________________ [address of the recipient]

___________________ [Date of sending the letter]

Dearest ________ [write the mane of the friend]

It has been more ______________[ mention the time period]  that you left __________[ mention the place which a friend has left]  and went  to _______ [ name of the place where the friend has gone] for ________________[ reason of going].

From the day you left till today I miss you badly and miss all the fun moments that we enjoyed together.

I keep remembering the days when we used to ______________ [mention about the fun incidents that you shared with your friends] and the days when we __________________ [mention other incidents]. I really wish if we can meet up someday and relive those old days. If you have any plans of coming to _______________ [name of the place] then do let me know so that we can plan something together for sure.

Missing you,

Your friend,

_____________ [Sender’s name]