Friendship Letters

Friendly Letter Template


___________________ [name of the recipient]

___________________ [address of the recipient]

___________________ [Date of sending the letter]

Dearest ________ [write the mane of the friend]

It has been more ______________[ mention the time period]  that you left __________[ mention the place which a friend has left]  and went  to _______ [ name of the place where the friend has gone] for ________________[ reason of going].

From the day you left till today I miss you badly and miss all the fun moments that we enjoyed together.

I keep remembering the days when we used to ______________ [mention about the fun incidents that you shared with your friends] and the days when we __________________ [mention other incidents]. I really wish if we can meet up someday and relive those old days. If you have any plans of coming to _______________ [name of the place] then do let me know so that we can plan something together for sure.

Missing you,

Your friend,

_____________ [Sender’s name]

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