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Emotional Letter to Friend

Dearest John,

I am writing this letter with great sorrow and regrets. I am really sorry for having a fight with you at that restaurant last week. I am ashamed of my behaviour towards you.

I cannot live without you by my side. I just can’t figure out the reason why I lost my temper over a very small reason and shouted at you. I never meant to hurt you and break my terms with you. You know how special is our friendship and how healthy is our bond. I got angry seeing you with some other guys at the party and making jokes on me and thus I lost my control.

John, your friendship to me is really very precious and I want to be with you till the end of my life. I know, after reading this letter you will forgive me and will call me tomorrow morning for a fresh hangout!

Please forget this incident for once and accept my apology. I will wait for your call.

Your friend,

Joe Roy


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