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Caring Letter to a Friend

Dear Troy,

I received a call from your mom last night. She was complaining that you are driving your new motorcycle very carelessly and speedily. She was very worried and asked me to make you understand as I am your only close friend.

Troy, I was informed that you are honking unnecessarily on the in early morning and late nights without bothering about neighbours. I have heard that your bike slipped and you got scratched up on your elbow. I never expected this from you! I always thought you to be a responsible son of your parents.

As per your mother’s expectations, I hope you will respect what I say. Please do not drive your bike speedily specially at the peak hours. Your excitement for your new bike should not be a disaster for your family. I believe that you will follow my advice. You are mature enough to understand the circumstances of reckless driving. Please take care of yourself and apologise to your mom, promising not to repeat the same.

With Love,

Christ Browne

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