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Dearest Martha,

Firstly receive my best wishes and tell me how you are? How are uncle and aunt?  I and my family members are all well! It’s been so long that we exchanged letters. Sadly, we lost all our contact once you got married.

A thought of you was hitting my mind since past two weeks. I searched for your contacts and tried to call you but I guess your number has been changed. I was missing the time when you stood by my side all the time. You were the only one who continuously raised my spirits high when I felt low.  I am really lucky and proud to have a friend like you. You had something different in you that made me respect your friendship the most.

After marriage you shifted and got transferred to many countries with your husband. But I am glad to know from Franz that you are now in New York. Let us plan to meet some day and revive our old bond.

I drop my pen here and wait for a reply of yours. My contact number here in New York is 098-9889-8888.

Take Care!


Hannah Watson.



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