Friendship Letters

Friendship Letter To Her

Dearest Susie,

I believe my letter finds you in the pink of your health. We all are doing fine here and hope the same for your side too. Let me tell you that I am missing you a lot these days. This is the reason that I can’t stop myself writing second letter to you in just two weeks.

Susie, I never knew that we will become so close one day! When I think about our friendship, I have a feeling of being the luckiest to have a friend like you. Last night, I went for a dinner with my locality friends. I was missing all the fun moments we used to have when we used to go for dining together. Though I was accompanied by many good people around, I never feel the same as I felt with you.

Though we live in different cities and we have our own new friends, you will be by best friend forever! The trueness and caress I have with you is impossible to find with someone else.

Stay in touch!


Linda George.



Friendship Letters

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