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How to write a flirty letter

A flirty letter is a fun & love filled letter with some naughty words for the one you love or you are in relationship with. Writing a flirty letter is a god creative idea to surprise your loved one with such kind of text. A flirty letter will definitely bring a long lasting smile on the face of the reader. And it is also a good way to keep love & naughtiness alive in your relation. Following are few tips on writing a flirty letter.

  • While writing a flirty letter, you can scent the paper or you can choose a cute letter pad with emoticons.
  • Along with the text in the letter, you can also include smileys with different expressions after the line ends. Smileys can go with the mood of the emotion written in a line.
  • While writing a flirty letter, use some naughty words, use vivid & descriptive language and you can persuade the reader to get surprised by writing love-filled romantic & naughty notes in the letter.
  • You can also insert some cute images & pictures which can give your letter a flirtatious romantic look. Do not forget to end the letter with a surprising note or a romantic invitation.



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