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Get well soon letter example

Most people say that good health is an important asset that we have, without which it becomes very difficult to achieve anything in life. Fighting with health issues can be very depressing, and that is why we always support our near & dear ones, who are recovering from health problems. A get well soon letter can give strength to your loved one to fight with the health problems and can become a motivator during the time of distress. Following is a sample get well soon letter example.



Ronald Harper

78, Marine Blvd

Washington, California

Dear Ron,

I am very sad to learn that you are not well. I hope that this letter will cheer you up and will make you feel a bit better.

I can understand it is very difficult to deal with leg fracture, but I am sure that you are very strong and no illness can keep you down for long. You are a fighter and you’ll soon be well & will be dancing around the trees. All you need is to have faith that this is a temporary phase of life and will be soon gone.

Get well soon dear!!!!

Your dearest friend,




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