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Good Morning Letter to your Girlfriend

You never know, how your god morning wishes for someone turn out their whole day to be a great memorable day, and keep them cheerful throughout the day. A fresh love filled start of everyday can make a person more positive & productive all day long. Following is such good morning letter to girlfriend, to kick start her day with great excitement, love & affection.


Jessica Harper

56, Spring Field Apartments,

Washington, California

Dear Jessica

When I first met you, I was never sure that we will have such a wonderful relationship. When I started knowing you, I started to fall in love with every habit of yours. I started loving your cute smile, the way you used to call me, the way you used to look at me…everything.

When we came close I started to care for you and when we became lovers, I can’t imagine my life without you. I just want to say I really love with you and fell in love again every morning when I see you.

Just wanted to say you a love filled Good Morning and a great day ahead.

I love you my dear.





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