Love Letters

Apology Love Letter

23 August 2008

Andrea Angeles

19 Boston Street

Yorba Linda, California 52765


I know, I did you wrong. And I am sincerely sorry for doing that to you. I will regret the moment I left you for the rest of my life. I misunderstood, misinterpreted and misdeed you and I am very sorry from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you can find a soft spot in your heart and take me back again. I vow to never waste this second chance if you will allow me. I will be a better husband to you and a better dad to our daughter. Please take me back again.

Holding on to your love,

Joe Angeles

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Best Love Letter

There are so many sample love letters written by innumerable people who have fallen in and out of love. Human existence have proved to be a long trail of beautiful sample love letters all expressing the joy of being human, being loved and be loved. There are no rules and boundaries when it comes to love. It defies all rules and traditions. Countless young couples have crossed the line drawn by history and tradition. Love is such a grand feeling that it does not answer to the call of custom and tradition.

In a very similar way, my love for you knows no bounds and limitations. I have been saving my breath to tell you how much you mean to me. My love for you is as splendid as the moon and the stars. Without you, I see no color in the trees and flowers. Your absence makes everything so dark and dreadful. I feel deep in my heart that you are the reason I am alive. I owe it to myself to tell just how wonderful and amazing you are. You are as lovely as the morning sun. My day is bright only because I see you. My life would be dull and meaningless without you.

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Break Up Letter

Millions of people break up with their girlfriends or boyfriends. A large percentage of them do not know how to initiate the break up process. One of the best ways to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend is by writing a letter. Break up letters should politely contain your reason for ending the relationship. You can also add some good moments that you have spent together in order to lessen the impact of the letter.

Here is an example of a break up letter.

To my ever dearest Jack,

As you are reading this letter, I might probably be on the first flight to Spain. My journey to this country will be my first ever trip alone. I am taking this adventure so that I can realize what it feels like to be independent and care free. I am doing this gesture to do something that is not in our relationship which is freedom.

Since we were children, we both felt that we are going to end up as husband and wife. Our hopes and aspirations were mutual. However, as our years of being together started to become a rollercoaster ride our relationship also dwindled into almost nothing but dull. I know that we have shared the best moments of our lives together and I don’t want to waste them through grudges and desperations. I would love it if we could stay as good friends and keep our hearts connected through friendship.

Yours truly,


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Break Up Letters

Breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend is a difficult task. One way to break up with lesser gravity is by writing a break up letter.  These letters cannot actually take the pain away but it can soften the process. Writing break up letters is so much better than saying nothing at all.

Dear Claire,

You are one of the best gifts that I have received in my life. Every moment that I have spent with you were some of the best times that I’ve had. You are a one of a kind person that I shall treasure forever. I will never forget that time when you agreed to be my girlfriend. The moment you said yes made me the happiest man on earth.

Today, I am going back to London. I really wish that I could bring you with me but as fate dictates it, I cannot keep you in my arms forever. I shall let go of you and hope that nothing between our feelings shall change. Although my relocation is temporary, I am willing to let you go for your own sake. I do not want you to miss me for so long because this can be an agony on your part. I will not stop writing to you until I can find my way back to your lips.

Lots of love,


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Breaking up Letter

Breaking up is a big decision. Telling your girlfriend or boyfriend about this decision can be a scary moment. One way to lessen the blow and at the same time keep your feelings real is by writing a break up letter.

Here is an example of a breaking up letter.

Dear Keith,

I want to keep things straight to the point. I am writing this letter to break up with you. You probably know the reason why and I no longer have to explain further. I do not have the strength to break up with you personally because I know that I have the weaker heart in our relationship.

Tomorrow at 2:30 pm, I will be picking up my things at your apartment. Please leave the keys on top of the second floor fire extinguisher. I would appreciate it if you can sort out my bed sheets and some things in your apartment that I own including my gaming console. I would also be glad if you will not be around on your apartment by the time I pick up my stuff. Seeing your face makes me vomit in disgust. It would be best that we will limit our relationship with friendship.

Sincerely yours.


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Breakup Advice

For most people, healing from a relationship break-up can be as hard as any task could ever be. Some never recover at all, carrying throughout their lifetime the pains and the burdens it has caused. Some people develop fear or trauma of getting into another relationship again, or being close to someone for that matter.

The feeling of loss oftentimes can be very distressing – the separation, the realization that you are no longer a part of each other’s lives, thoughts and emotions. But life must go on and you must find to get this out of your system, to get everything behind you and move on.

The first thing you should keep in your head is being patient. Healing takes indefinite time. And during this time, remember that it’s natural to grieve and cry, after all, you’re still only human.

Make yourself busy and don’t let daydreaming get into your schedule. You could find a job, or focus on your hobby instead. You could also enroll into a gym or some workout classes. Exercising would not just keep you busy but could also keep you fit and healthy and in the process improving your self-esteem as well.

Go out, socialize and meet other people. Go to a concert or even to a park, take a class and join a club. Allow new people to get into your life and somehow replace the connections you had with your lover even for a while. Reconnect with your friends and family, especially the old ones; this may be the time that you need them the most.

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Funny Break up Letter

Ending a relationship is not a funny affair. However, you can always end it in a funnier version with a letter filled with humor. With a funny break up letter, your soon to be ex girlfriend will be laughing her/his tears out.

Here is an example of a funny break up letter.

Dear Kate,

Can I break up with you? I would really appreciate it if you say yes to my question because I need to be a single guy again. As you can see, I have always had my eye on many women and it has been my tradition to share my love with various beauties.

Since I met you, I have broken my tradition. You have fixed my eyes into yours and have kept me into deep seclusion. My heart became exclusively yours and I have never longed for any other women since then. However, I have decided that I have loved you so much that my sexy body and amazing looks can no longer handle. My love for you has slowly turned me into a sloth thus making my looks quite exclusive. I want other women to benefit from what God has given me.

Love you,


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Funny Break up Letters

Keeping humor into your love life is essential. It is one way to keep the flame burning and steam up your adrenaline for love. Making funny break up letters is also one way to bring a happy ending to your relationship. Although writing funny letters can sometimes be difficult, but they always bring the best impact in your life.

Dear Melanie,

“Your lips like sugar, your face like a jaguar.” I will never forget this line on the first poem you made me when we were ten. This was the very sentence that made me fall in love with you because it depicted honesty and honesty depicts love.

My love for you is monumental. Since that day you said yes to me, I have changed into a much better person. I know longer looked like the jaguar that you used to picture me with. Today, I feel like a lion ready to offer his life to his lioness. I could roar with love on top of the tallest mountain for you.

However, I already feel that I have loved you too much. So much, that I even forget that I have my own life. Therefore, I think it is best for me to break up with you. Thank you very much.

Lovingly yours,


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Funny Love Letter

Letters are a good way of communicating to people especially to your loved ones. Letters can come in different ways. One of the best forms of writings are love letters. To make things even better, love letters that are fun can bring emotions to greater heights. With humor, you can win your loved one’s heart. Funny love letters can either be sentimental, romantic, erotic, seductive, and even sensual.

Here is an example of a funny love letter that can tickle your hearts out.

To my ever dearest,

I am very proud to tell you that I have fallen madly, deeply in love with you. Every day that I have spent with you has made me become the best boyfriend. Your special skills in making me fall for you is exemplary. Your loving attitude is what makes me feel so damn crazy about you.

Although I have not formally asked you out, I would like to declare my love for you tomorrow at 4:15 in the afternoon at the park where we first met. I will be wearing a Prince Charming costume of which I know would make you fall for me even more. Also, please wear any princess costume to compliment with my outfit. Please give me further notice if you won’t be able to keep up with the time so that I can reschedule it.

Hoping in desperation for your love,

Jonathan Deveraux

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Love Letters

Gay Love Letter

Dear Dan,

I just adore you because I do. I can't just help it because it’s not my choice. I wish I didn't, but that's how mysterious falling in love is. I can't seem to find the perfect word about you. I know I have to put you out of my mind. I wish it didn’t have to be this difficult for both of us.

There are countless things I wish I could say to you. There are many things I need tell you but I don’t know how to start and I can't seem to find the way. I can't find you; I wanted to reach out to you. Your way of perceiving life is a lot different from mine and I can't change that. I didn’t have a choice and I wish I didn't love you. I couldn’t help wondering about you. I just wish things would work out well like it once happened.

Love always,


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How to Write a Breakup Letter

Breakup letters may have been made to handle breakups painlessly, effortlessly. It’s the easiest way to handle a breakup but rest assured, it should leave a huge mess behind. So if you plan of being friends with the person in the future, you should take the high road and tell them in person.

But if you insist of telling it on a letter, here are a couple of useful guidelines that you should bear in mind.

Don’t write your whole love story in it. Don’t tell them you love them or how you once loved them. Short but precise is the way to go. Don’t go on beating the bushes. Surely, no one would want to be reading a letter like this, so be sure to keep it under a page if you can.

Don’t say words like “I will miss you” or anything like it for that matter. Make sure they get your message and understand that your relationship is over.

If you succeed in doing these things, you should be fine. For insurance purposes, in some cases that have been far out of hand and abusive, consider moving away for a while until your ex-partner relaxes. This kind of thing often causes bottled up emotions to break out.

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Love Letters

How to Write a Love Letter

Expressing one’s hidden feelings and deep emotions could be a little difficult. Not all people are very expressive and open when it comes to emotions.

Choose a good piece of paper and pen. The pen and paper need to exude the romantic feeling of the one writing the letter. Therefore, an ordinary office paper would not do. Give the paper a touch of elegance and personal style. The one reading it would feel more special when the writer chooses a beautiful pen and paper.

Another thing is the idea of putting the right words in writing that would generally make a good impression to the person whom you want to give it to. Conveying an idea so serious and moving needs to be thought of very well. The magic words need to appear in a carefully chosen parchment so that it may generate a positive response from the one reading it.

Content is difficult enough to get across what more the style of the letter. Meaning could be expressed in so many forms and each one more poignant than the other depending on style. Style could make or break the content of the love letter. Therefore, always consider pen, paper, content, and style.

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Love Letters

I am Sorry Letter


This is a letter to say sorry for those times I’ve made you mad. I’m saying sorry for every single time I’ve made you sad. I hope that you can forgive me for all of my mistakes.

I could, and I should, have handled everything a lot better. I apologize for everything that I have ever done – for the good and the bad. I wish have been more matured, and have not caused a cut to form that I could never cure.

I wish you would talk to me the way you used to, but I understand what you wouldn’t. Not once, but thrice that you tried to break away from me, and I realize now that I should have let you go. I think I’ve asked too much. I think I just didn’t know what to do for I never wanted us to be apart. Sorry if I hurt you, sorry if I didn’t let go.

Peter Paul

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Love Letters

I Love You Letter

My Dear,

I have spent countless bedtimes tossing and turning, wondering of ways to tell you how much I love you. Time has left scars and bruises on my weary heart, but your love is like an elixir, which brought me out of my misery.

I only asked for one night with you, but I was given so much more. I was blessed with so many nights, so many stars to catch. In a world of broken dreams, you have shed light into my mundane existence. Thousands of unfulfilled promises have taken its toll on both of us, but I swear to you that for as long as I live, every step that I take would be leading towards nowhere else but to where you are.

Love Always,


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Inspirational Love Letter Sample

08 April 2008


Literally, you are my strength when I am weak. You are my voice because I cannot speak. You are my arms and my feet. You fuel my life.

Thank you for teaching me everyday what love is all about. I may not tell you by mouth how much it means to me, but my life is all about your love and mine.

Forever yours,

Jane Camp

P.S. Had cancer not taken my ability to speak, I will shout to the world how I love you and lucky I am that you love me too.

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Inspirational Messages

Love Letters

Lost Love Letter

Here is a sample of a lost love letter.

18 July 2008

I do not know what happened to us. All I know is that though we do not see each other, my love remains the same. You will always have your spot in my bed. I will be waiting for you to realize how much I have loved you, how much I love you still and how much I will love you for the rest of our lives.

I am missing you every single moment that you are not with me. Please come back.

Loving you still,

Sharon Smith

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Love Letters

Love letter for her

My love,

I was captivated by your smile ever since I saw you. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about your lips, your hair, your eyes, everything about you.

I feel so lucky now that I have you in my life. My life became totally different since the day you said “Yes”. I will never forget that warm April night, while flowers were preparing to bloom for the next day, when you said you’ll forever be mine.

Now there will be no colder nights and no days filled with sadness and loneliness. I’ll never live a meaningless since I know now that you’re the reason that I live

You bring forth warmth during winter and coolness in summer. You’re like the cool summer breeze giving fresh air to all creatures around you.

Hope this relationship lasts forever, lasts till the end of our lives.

I want to grow old and spend the rest of my life with you.

No words can ever express the feelings that I have inside my heart. I can’t stand not seeing your face just for a day so please let these hearts of ours be with each other.

Lovingly yours,


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Love Letters

Love Letter

Books and novels have been written because of amazing love stories. People all over the world have come and gone musing about the love of their lives. A sample love letter could be found in any part of the world. There are just thousands of people falling in love year in and year out. A sample love letter may in appearance seem different from other love letters but in essence all love letters are all deep and sincere. The human heart needs to express emotions as grand and as moving as love. The pangs of love are sharp and jagged. All people who have been bitten by them felt feverish with love. It is inimitable and life-changing.

The line between reality and illusion becomes blurred in the presence of love. I have gone through countless sample of love letter to have an idea how best to let you know that I love you. It seems such a great sin if I fail to write for the most beautiful letter. The feeling I have for you is nothing I have ever felt before.

You have taken to a place where blissful existence is possible. I never imagined that I could love anyone like this. I love you beyond my insignificant existence.

Love Letters

Love Letter for Him

My Sweetest Love,

I love waking up to the sound of your voice gently telling me to open my eyes and get ready for the day. I love going about my daily routine with fond thoughts of you curving a smile on my lips every now and then. I love it how I still get butterflies in my stomach right before we meet.

I still look forward to those moments when you hold me close to you and I would be drowned in your familiar scent. When I am with you, it is as if the rest of the world suddenly melts, and there is just you and me. Sometimes I find myself wishing that you would burst in the door and take me away. Until that time comes, I will be right here, dreaming.

Yours forever,


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Love Letters

Sweet Love Letter

Dear Rosanna,

I’ve always wondered how you’re able to make me feel this way – the way my heartbeat quickens with every kiss. Simply remembering the way you ever so gently stroke my face, erases all signs of unhappiness I had endured and faced.

I’ve been thinking of our first wedding anniversary and it’s amazing how I can vividly recall every single thing that happened that time. It was stunning how you looked that moment. The way you smiled at me before I asked you to dance was more than mesmerizing. And when the music finally begun, my emotions finally ran wild and free. You were the fireworks that night, the million sparkles that brightened up that cloudy sky.

I hope we will always be together and our marriage lasts forever. What I want right now is to hear you say that you’re here and here to stay forever.



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Love Letters

Short Love Letters

Writing a short love letter is tricky. Meaning must be expressed in a compressed form. The right words must be said right away. There is no room for long introduction hence the name. Writing in a very concise yet heart-felt manner could be a great challenge for some but love generally brings out the writer in us. For instance:

Dear Justine,

I am writing to express my utmost love and admiration for you. Love is what I felt the very moment I laid eyes on you. I have seen that in you is my sweetest love. There is just no way to contain my feeling any more.

My love for you I feel in every inch of my body and soul. I strongly believe with every drop of blood flowing in my veins that you are the love I have been waiting for my whole life. Existence would be nothing if I don’t have my love for you. I sincerely admire you. In my eyes you will always be beautiful and ideal. I am surrendering to this grand feeling, this love, hoping that I would be rewarded by a mere chance to validate and prove myself to you. This love cannot be denied so with this letter I dare tell you.

Lovingly yours,


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Love Letters

Short Romantic Love Letter

Dear Maria,

With this letter I dare confess to you that I love and admire you. You are a dream come true which makes each and every single day of my humble existence amazing and blissful. Now I believe in heaven because I truly believe that only this place could be the only source of you. You have come to my life unannounced and I was completely struck when I realized that you are the person I have been wishing for my whole life. Because I am your lover, I have seen the meaning and purpose of my humdrum existing. I have breathed my first breath because of you.

Being your lover means the whole world to me. You have breathed warm flesh to my body. Everyday my thoughts run away with you. I have caught myself many times unconsciously musing about you. You have the most sincere and loyal lover in me. I will make every effort necessary to make you happy. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make you feel loved and joyful.

With my loving hands, I will make your world the best you’ve ever had. My feeling for you goes beyond the stars. My only hope is to see you satisfied and taken care of.

Love lots,


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Love Letters

Short Sweet Love Letters

My dearest Anita,

With this humble letter I wish to tell you that loving you is the best thing I can do. It is the only thing I would ever do willingly and wholeheartedly. I have realized that nothing really matters to me if I cannot show my love for you. I am here for you always. Life would mean nothing if you aren’t in it. There is no hope for me if I lose you. You are the very breathe that keeps me alive.

You are the first thing I think of when I wake up and you are the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. And all day, my thoughts are filled with memories of you. I long for the moment to be near you all the time so that I may be happy and satisfied. I dream of staring at your beautiful face.  You must be an angel from heaven meant to cause my life sweet disturbance. I go crazy thinking of you and it makes me smile every once in a while just remembering the sound of your voice and the cute way you laugh. I will be your lover until all stars fall from the sky.

Lovingly yours,


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Love Letters

Thinking of You Love Letter


7830 Amber Street

Atlanta Georgia


My Love,

It has been a while since I have felt the warmth of your lips pressing against my cold cheek. In the solitude of my room, I find myself thinking of you and everything that we have been though. Without you near me, the hours seem to stretch into infinity.

I long for the day when we would be together again and I would be wrapped in your arms, my sweet blanket of serenity. I look forward to the time when you would once again lay my head on your shoulder and whisper to me all the sweet familiar promises of dreams that we have sworn to make happen.

Eternally yours,


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Love Letters

Sweet Romantic Love Letter

Dear Elizabeth,

I don’t know how to start, whether to say hi or hello, which of the two sounds better. I don’t know if I should try to make it laid back so there’s no need for me to be stressed, or be whimsy and try to make you laugh somehow. All I know is that this is a romantic love letter.

Sometimes, I find myself looking up at the stars, imagining things, imagining how we would be ten to twenty years from now. Will we still be lying out under these skies, making plans and discovering mysteries, asking questions that have eluded the minds of many for centuries? The possibilities haunt me in my sleep, all of those secrets I want to share but for now I would have to keep for myself.

When life gets me down, I look up the night sky – imagine things and eventually sigh. I remember that you’re mine – not for ten to twenty years but through all time.

Lovingly yours,


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Love Letters

Romantic Love Letter

Dear Love,

I constantly am thinking about you. Lately, I was fascinated by some issues. I was making an effort to find an answer.

Why do I often think that you are following me? I don’t know.

When I receive a call from you, I find myself very much thrilled as I crave to hear your voice always. In the darkest of nights, I want to speak to you. When the rain pours outside, I yearn for a passionate hug and a sweet kiss from you.

When I listen to a sweet melody, my mind dances with you. Every time I find you downhearted, I share the dreariness. When I didn’t receive a response for my messages sent to you, I feel brokenhearted.

I can endure physical strain, but I can’t hold up to the mental torture when I miss you. I don’t have the slightest idea what is wrong with me. I just know one thing…I love you so much.

Yours forever,


Love Letters

Sad Break up Letters

Break up letters are always sad. Making one is just as sad as the letter itself. It takes time to think what to write on it. When writing one, you should make sure that you keep it straight to the point and avoid beating the bush. Break up letters simply soften the impact of the situation.

Dear Mark,

You are the only person who has changed my life for the better. Since I met you, I have become a cheerful and hardworking person. Everything that you have given me was without doubt amazing. The moments I spent with you where captivating.  You are my first love and will always be that one true guy who has captured my heart.

You might be wondering why I am writing this letter. It’s because I want to break up with. Despite everything that I have felt for you, I find it best to end our relationship. I need some time to find the real me and experience what it’s like to live independently. I have relied on you so much, which is why I must learn how to be free. I love you and will always continue on loving you.

Always and forever,


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Love Letters

Valentine Letter

Dear Donna,

This is a letter I am writing to confess my grand love for you. I have been wishing to tell you how much I love for the longest time but my shy, weak heart usually gets the best of me. However, now I will tell you that you are the only person on earth I want to be with. There would be no meaning in my existence if it weren’t for you and your angelic face. It tortures me sometimes not to tell you how beautiful you are. Every single time I see you I just want to fall to my knees and tell you I love you. I hear you speak and I feel happy.

This special day I want to let you know that you are the most beautiful work of God. The example I have given you may not be enough to justify your beauty but I am certain that an example like you cannot be bettered. You are my sweetest angel and you will always be until the end of my days. On this day, I feel so glad that I can tell you how much you mean to me. Your life example would always be my inspiration and hope.

Your love,


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Love Letters

Valentine Love Letter

During special occasions, a written declaration of love could be daunting because it is something tangible and permanent. This is tantamount to validating a feeling every single time the recipient reads the letter. Valentine love letters, unlike ordinary spoken word, is something that could be kept for a long time.

Dear Coraline,

On this special day I wish to tell you that I have been your most faithful admirer. There is always this fear in me of having my romantic feeling towards you so openly examined and reread that causes some sleepless nights and some blank paper.

However, this time I take courage and show this romantic side of me to prove to you how much I love you. I keep this feeling hidden deep in my heart always treasured and taken care of so that one day, this very day, I could show you like chocolates in my open hands.

How quick the time flies when I think of you. In my own romantic way, I write this letter to let you know that whatever I may be doing or how occupied I am in my day’s work, my mind is always filled with sweet thoughts of you. With this letter is my heart wholly surrendered.

Your admirer,


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Valentine Messages

Love Letters

Romantic Letter to Wife

19 May 2003

Kath Eden-James

001 South Avon Drive,

Milton, NY 10945

To My Beloved,

How was your day? Mine was so sweet. Thank you for your wonderful pancakes this morning. I love the coffee that you made for me, too. But what really made my day are your sweet morning kiss and your sweet morning smile. I just love seeing you walking around in the house I built in my dreams with you.

I will be out for a business meeting over dinner. I will do my best to finish the deal tonight because I am looking forward to going back home in your arms. My day is never complete without you. I love you.

Loving you more each day,

David James

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Love Letters

Romantic Letter to Husband

19 May 2009

David James

001 South Avon Drive,

Milton, NY 10945

To My Beloved,

I love starting my mornings with your smile and the warmth of your body against mine. As much as I would like to stay in bed longer with you, I also love to tend to all your needs on the start and end of each day. I want to spend all my time showing and making you feel how much I love you.

I know we will be both busy at work the whole day. But I will be waiting to spend the night in your arms again. Take care.

Lovingly yours,

Kath Eden-James

p.s. I have always loved being a James because of you.

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Love Letters

Romantic Letter to Girlfriend

Dear Ysabella,

From the first time we bumped into each other, my love for you has flourished more and more, and today I can’t imagine of a better life without you. You are the most amazing person who has ever graced my life this way. You’re kind, caring, compassionate, generous and loving.

With you by my side, I feel bursting with life to my deepest core. You bring me incomparable happiness no one else has before. You have filled my heart in countless ways that today I feel insanely lost without you. Every second spent with you is heaven and I desire to spend the rest of my life with you. If only you knew how much I want to become a part of your life.

Is it wrong to be so deeply and insanely in love with someone? I don’t have the least idea what love is. But if it means to laugh in your happiness, to cry in your sorrow and feel your existence everywhere then I am in love. The past year we have spent together has been amazingly romantic. I hope greater times are to come. I love you, dearest Ysabel.

Love always,


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Love Letters

Sad Love Letters

Sad love letters hit a chord deep in our hearts and are a far more efficient way of expressing love. You can apply sad letters equally efficiently to both conveying your love, and also utilize them to make up when you have broken up or even to sweep someone's feet once and for all.

My dearest,

When happiness dies, we need to find for fresh beginnings. Sometimes, a point comes into our lives when we have to reflect on our relationship — what we are doing and where we are heading. When love fades, we need to step back and cut out the dead emotions.

We had been through so much that it pains me just remembering a little bit of the moments we spent as a couple. Soon the same unavoidable separation will confront us making it even more difficult to pull through and to find that indefinable joy and serenity. I know it is hard to give up on us. I know it will only hurt even more if we let this relationship flow.

We have had our fair share of happiness and love. As we go our separate ways, let those be the memories that we remember. Prolonging it will only leave us with more bitter recollections that will overcome the happier times we once shared. Let us go and search for our own rainbows; I'm certain it will emerge when the moment is right.

Goodbye. Take care.


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Love Letters

Sad Break up Letter

Dear Sweetheart

I know that our love is a symbol of eternity. We both have realized that we cannot live without the other. However, many things have already kept us apart. That day you told me you found somebody else worthy of your love was so hurting. Despite that situation, we never broke up with each other and tried to fix the loopholes of our relationship.

I can no longer bear the agony that you have given me. Every time we struggle to keep the steam in our love life, I feel like a stupid freak. Even though I knew you had another woman in your life I still pushed my heart into luring you to love me more.

Today, I can no longer keep up with my martyrdom and your futility. I am finally done with loving you and I hope that you can forgive yourself for letting me go



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Love Letters

Sad Love Letter

My baby,

Now I’m thinking about you. I'm writing this not to say hi or how are you but I want to say farewell. It pains me saying this to you but I feel this would be the best way to tell you I love you and farewell.

I know we've been together for years already, and you made me content and feel so appreciated. Thank you for your love and attention though it’s never been 100% mine. Thank you for the times you spent with me — good and bad. I cherish every shared moment.

I prayed time would come for us to become one in a faithful relationship, but now I understand your heart belongs to someone else. If you love me, you would have declared it and fought for it. Now my eyes are wide open from the greatest dream of my existence — the dream of having you here with me.

It's sad and heartbreaking yet it has to be done because I know you can never be mine.

I love you. Farewell.



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Romantic Love Letter

My Dearest Isabella,

I believe this letter may not come to you as a surprise, rather as a golden chain of fate. I am writing to win your love and before I continue, I should like to introduce myself to you.

Jacob Brown is my name, the Director of Modern Secondary School in Fremont.

I first saw you in the Central Bank and I was very much awed by the way you regarded customers. In addition to this, your chic and smart movement and cheerful face are among the reasons why I ask for your love.

You know there are a lot of girls in Fremont but yet I choose to love you. For that reason, please do not disregard my letter and never let down a true heart asking for your love.

I beg to close and with all pleasure I’m waiting for your vital and approving reply.

Yours truly,

Jacob Brown

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Romantic Love Letters

The secret to a lasting relationship is communication. Every person knows that the most valuable gifts are the ones sent directly from the heart. Valentine’s Day is not the only occasion you can send someone special an exceptional and powerful message of love. A one of a kind gift for anniversaries, birthdays and holidays is a love letter sent straight from the heart. However, you would not need a special event to say to an important person you care for them. A romantic love letter makes any day really special and is an ever more treasured gift. Never take for granted the love you share with your partner, tell them often and make them feel secure by writing one.

Here is an example:

My dearest love,

I love you more than enough to fight for you, compromise for you, and sacrifice myself for you if need be.

I love you more than enough to miss you incredibly when we’re apart, no matter what length of time it’s for and regardless of the distance.

I love you more than enough to believe in our relationship, to stand by it through the worst of times, to have faith in our strength as a couple, and to never give up on us.

I love you enough to spend the rest of my life with you, be there for you when you need or want me, and never ever want to leave you or live without you.

I’m madly in love with you this much.

Yours forever,


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Romantic Birthday Letter


I profess my eternal love for you my gorgeous princess as I celebrate your birthday. I’m wishing you happiness and contentment. We have the greatest fun as best friends and lovers rolled into one. I only wish the best for you as we pursue new experiences in life together. I promise to hold you tight as our flames of love continue to ignite as years go by.

I will be enchanted by our love forever. It will continue to be strong and determined despite our flaws. It will endure, never judge and never hold a lasting grudge. I will promise to be generous, loyal and always kind. Moments, memories and another year have gone by but the times we shared will continue to live by. My true love for you always keeps my youth making me more eager to look forward another day with you. Happy birthday. I love you.

Forever yours,


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Romantic Letter to Boyfriend

My baby,

Since day one we have shared something that most people only dream of, something incredible. All my being I had been searching for you. I couldn’t be any happier without you. You are caring, sincere and loving man, and I don’t want to lose you. I am so blessed and thankful that you loved me as much as I loved you and that you made me a part of your life. We have been together for a year and I have treasured every moment since the day we met. Every day you give me a new reason to love you more.

Spending time together is already amazing, and as one it will only get better and better. I will forever be thankful that you have come into my life and made all my dreams come true. Together we're perfect, and I will take pleasure in spending the rest of my life with you. I love you.

Yours forever,


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Love Letter Format

You may use this format to make a love letter for your significant other. This may not be strictly followed. Remember, it is the personal touches and a sincere heart that makes a love letter effective in igniting or rekindling the fire to a romantic relationship.


Name of Your Beloved

His/Her Address

Your Term of Endearment for Her,

You can express the depths of your feelings here. You can choose to be overly romantic, passionate, poetic or funny. Express your feelings for your significant other. You can do this by telling him or her qualities that you love most or the effect that he or she gives you. Do not hold on to your feelings. Free them with your pen.

Letter ending or salutation of your choice,

Your Name

p.s. (optional) a special note for your partner

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Love Letter Ideas

Nowadays, with the birth of text messages and electronic mails, people have forgotten the magic of a written love letter. It may sound corny to some but it never fails to soften someone’s heart. Here are some ideas on how you can make a sweet and thoughtful letter for you special someone:

  • You can always choose to follow templates but do not forget to put personal touches to it. It is the personal touches that make your letter unique and romantic.
  • Write with a free-flowing mind. You may not come-up with the most coherent letter but it ensures that you bring out your true emotions while writing it. This makes the feeling stronger your reader, who is your loved one; somehow feel what you feel for her.
  • Do not be shy to use “I miss you” and “I love you” if that is really how you feel.
  • If you are into poetry, you can inject your favorite phrases or your own original composition. You can also use songs and other works of art and other expressions of love.
  • Finally, do not let the person know that you are giving him or her a letter. Try to be creative in sending it. Surprise always works well with love letters!

Write your love letters now and enchant the heart of your special someone.

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Love letter straight from the Heart

3521 Little Rock

Indianapolis, Indiana


Dear Maria,

Hi. I’d just like you to know how much I meant those words I said to you before. For me, saying those words “I love you” is something that I usually do but it took me a lot of guts just to be able to tell those words for you.

You’ve changed my life. From a life of loneliness to a life that makes my every morning filled with joy. From a life with boredom to a life with excitement every time we see each other. For me, you’re like a breath of fresh air, refreshing my every day with love anew.

It’s such a wonder how you always make the hair in the back of my head stand up every time I see you. Seeing that we’re together, happy and satisfied with each other is something that I’d like to see in the future.

I’d like to say to you that I will never change. No matter how many fights, struggles, and trials we will face, just remember that I won’t ever change. I may not say “I love you” a lot but that won’t speak less of what I feel, for you know that loving you is all I want to do.

Loving always,


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Love Letters of Great Men

Just like any letter, a love letter can be written in different style, structure or format. Throughout time, it has evolved from sonnets to poems to songs and even to paintings. Different men of different magnitude each have their own way of writing and expressing their innermost feelings.

Some love letters of great men continue to inspire writers and have been very good emotional theme examples for the aspiring ones. Of course, the sonnets of Shakespeare would be on top of anybody’s list. But also, one might find it entertaining to read some other fine men’s love letters just like Voltaire’s. Imprisoned because of a forbidden love, Voltaire wrote “The Hague 1713” for his lover before he escaped out of his cell.

“Les Miserables” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” forever immortalized Victor Hugo. But long before he became a dramatist and a novelist, he used to fill his notebooks with poetry. His love letters – to his childhood friend Adele and to his wife Juliette – are preserved and are available for everyone for free.

One of England’s most notorious womanizers, Lord Byron captivated the hearts of many women through his love letters and poetry. Already a world-famous poet at the age of 24, Lord Byron goes on to write the world renowned pieces “Don Juan” and “Prophecy of Dante.”

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Love Letters of Great Men and Women

Wanting to write a letter to your lover but don’t seem to know how to start? Books like “Love Letters of Great Men and Women” contain a wonderful collection of timeless love letters from Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Vincent Van Gogh, Napoleon Bonaparte, John Keats to Winston Churchill. Reading such a book will not just inspire and help you find those opening lines, but they could as well give you a glimpse of how important expression is.

Throughout ages, sonnets never fail to capture young lovers’ hearts. But behind those romantic poems and songs, do you know what inspired these writers and authors to write such pieces? Behind those quixotic lines, do you have an idea how the most important love letters in history were written. You don’t have to look too far, because more than anything else, a love letter is merely a written means of expressing love – love and the need to express it come what the situation may, be it in a prison or in a war, in a deathbed or in a luxury suite. Great men and women always find a way to write and express their love for someone.

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Missing you love letter

A love letter expressing deep love for a person takes time to write and think about. The words must be chosen carefully to generate a positive feeling and reaction from the one reading it. Missing someone could cause a person anxiety and a general feeling of incompleteness. It is such a terrible feeling when the person you love is not by your side. 

I write this letter hoping that I could somehow share my longing for you. Every day I wish to see your face again. I feel like I am going out of my mind when I don’t see you. I need you in my life because without you there is just no hope for me. I tell you in my simple letter that I believe with all my heart that my sun shines on your face. You give me reason to wake up in the morning. I feel terrible when you are not around.

It seems that you have taken a big part of me and I cannot function efficiently with you. A part of me is missing when you are not beside me. The sun does not shine as bright when you are not here. Wherever you may be, my heart wants to be there too.

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Missing You Romantic Letter

I have gone through life writing so many letters but this one letter I am writing for you prove to be the hardest one. I had to take blood from my heart to see to it that my words reflect what is in the deepest crevices of my shy heart. I have come up with amazing letters before but when it comes to you I only wish to write the most beautiful. I could never be able to live my life knowing that I passed the chance to put in writing my love for you. I spend my days just thinking of you and the funny way you wrinkle your nose.

I miss you every single waking moment of my life. It seems like time is a poison when I don’t get to see your face. It makes me the happiest person on earth to have come by with someone as amazing as you. I write you this to prove to you that my love is as eternal as these words. Whichever way I look at it, my life would never be the same without you. I hope that in my dreams I see you. I always wish that you were with me.

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Nice Break up Letter

Some notes to include about writing a break up letter includes keeping it straight to the point and simple. The simpler the letter, the better your girlfriend or boyfriend will take the message. In writing a break up letter, make sure to have a nicer approach in order to soften the blow.

Dear Sam,

First, I would like to tell you that I have very much enjoyed our year of being together. It is with a heavy and sad heart that I inform you that it is over. I feel the need for our relationship to end this way. Both of us know the exact reason on why I have to break-up with you. Focusing on my career is my priority right now. I have been waiting for this promotion for quite a long time and I cannot let love cut my opportunities loose

Off all the amazing things that I will miss about you, I will especially miss our afternoon strolls in the park. It is my wish and desire that we remain as good friends. I know you need some time to adjust to this situation, but please know that I am always here for you. Thank you for the love that you have shared with me.



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Nice Breakup Letters

There is no such thing as nice break up letters because in the first place they are symbols of ending a relationship. However, there are ways to write a break up letter that is not too hurting and heart breaking. Softening the details of the letter can work during break ups.

To my ever dearest Jane,

I know that you know that you are a manipulative person. You have always been the boss in our relationship and I respected that. However, I can no longer take the fact that I am the subordinate entity in our relationship. I always wanted to feel masculine when you are with me but it seems the other way around. You always poke me and make fun with me when you are with your colleagues. I never made any comment about it because I love you so much.

I believe that it would be ideal for me to break up with you after you read this letter. It would be best for me to do this before I end up in depression. I would love to be your boyfriend again if you can change your weird ways. Please remember that you will always be my sugar pie.

Love lots,


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Passionate Love Letter

07 August 2009

Jeffrey Evan

4021 Mantua Way

Raleigh, NC 27604

To my dearest Jeffrey,

It has been almost two decades since I knew you. And you have never failed to make me fall in love with you each day. I love how you brighten up my day with a simple smile. I love how you lighten up my sorrows with your soothing words. I love how you make dream about you in my sleep. And I love how you become the first thought in my mornings. And I would love to start and end each of my remaining days with you.

I love loving you. Be mine forever.

Loving you more each day,

Carol Angelo

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Pre-Written Love Letter

16 March 2007

Michelle Black

65 Maple Street,

Blacksburg, VA 67963

Dear Michelle,

You are like a beautiful rose. Your blue eyes look right into my soul. I dream of you every night. I hope you dream about me, too. When I saw you today you looked like an angel and you took my breath away. You are my sweet angel. I can't stop thinking about you. You are on my mind night and day.

I am forever at the mercy of your beautiful smile. Please spare me another sleepless night and be mine.

Waiting for your love,

Vincent Luck

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