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Break Up Letter

Millions of people break up with their girlfriends or boyfriends. A large percentage of them do not know how to initiate the break up process. One of the best ways to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend is by writing a letter. Break up letters should politely contain your reason for ending the relationship. You can also add some good moments that you have spent together in order to lessen the impact of the letter.

Here is an example of a break up letter.

To my ever dearest Jack,

As you are reading this letter, I might probably be on the first flight to Spain. My journey to this country will be my first ever trip alone. I am taking this adventure so that I can realize what it feels like to be independent and care free. I am doing this gesture to do something that is not in our relationship which is freedom.

Since we were children, we both felt that we are going to end up as husband and wife. Our hopes and aspirations were mutual. However, as our years of being together started to become a rollercoaster ride our relationship also dwindled into almost nothing but dull. I know that we have shared the best moments of our lives together and I don’t want to waste them through grudges and desperations. I would love it if we could stay as good friends and keep our hearts connected through friendship.

Yours truly,


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Love Letters

Best Love Letter

There are so many sample love letters written by innumerable people who have fallen in and out of love. Human existence have proved to be a long trail of beautiful sample love letters all expressing the joy of being human, being loved and be loved. There are no rules and boundaries when it comes to love. It defies all rules and traditions. Countless young couples have crossed the line drawn by history and tradition. Love is such a grand feeling that it does not answer to the call of custom and tradition.

In a very similar way, my love for you knows no bounds and limitations. I have been saving my breath to tell you how much you mean to me. My love for you is as splendid as the moon and the stars. Without you, I see no color in the trees and flowers. Your absence makes everything so dark and dreadful. I feel deep in my heart that you are the reason I am alive. I owe it to myself to tell just how wonderful and amazing you are. You are as lovely as the morning sun. My day is bright only because I see you. My life would be dull and meaningless without you.

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Love Letters

Apology Love Letter

23 August 2008

Andrea Angeles

19 Boston Street

Yorba Linda, California 52765


I know, I did you wrong. And I am sincerely sorry for doing that to you. I will regret the moment I left you for the rest of my life. I misunderstood, misinterpreted and misdeed you and I am very sorry from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you can find a soft spot in your heart and take me back again. I vow to never waste this second chance if you will allow me. I will be a better husband to you and a better dad to our daughter. Please take me back again.

Holding on to your love,

Joe Angeles

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