Love Letters

Love Letter to Boyfriend


Mr. James Atkinson,

Apartment No: 56, Down Lake Road,

Anderson Street, William Park

London, United Kingdom

Date: May 7th, 2012

Subject: A love letter to a Boyfriend

My Dear James,

I am writing to tell you that how much I have missed you yesterday in the college. I have realized yesterday that I love you so much and you have become an imperative part of my life. Before meeting you, I have never thought of true love. The day I met you and talked with you, I felt that I was so lonely in my life and I craved for a true love of my life. I just cannot stop myself from loving you.

Before you walked into my life, I was sad and abandoned. You lent me your shoulder when I wanted to cry my heart out. You was always patient and a good listener when I talked about my friends.

I love you so much James and thanks a lot for being there in my life whenever I needed you!

With tons of love,

Anna Ferguson

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