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Touching Love Letter


Grace Hamilton,

22nd Floor, Peak-View Apt., Hallmark Boulevard,

New York 557780


Josh Princely,

50C Peacock House, Opp. Risky Heights,

New York 569976

Dear Josh,

I, Grace Hamilton, would like to thank you for your kind support in my hardest time.  It is your touching love that makes me believe that world is beautiful like a pond of flowers with roaming butterflies.  There is very much possibility that I will not find happiness at places where I cannot find yourself, your thoughts, your talk, etc.  Since I met you in my life, my life has really turned into glowing star.  Happiness has been there always in my life since beginning of our relationship.

Kindly do me a favor that you will never leave me at any given point of time unless death apart us.  Yes, I still believe that death is mere nonexistence of person but will definitely not stop our souls getting together.  You made be believe in a truth by which there is no place where lie could ever find a place to rest.  Always yours passionately.

Yours Lovingly,

Grace Hamilton

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Love Letters

Hot Love Letter


Jackie Oliver,

New Jersey 07770


Tracy Pouch,

New Jersey 07889

Dear Tracy,

This time I consider best to get in touch with you since you are already in my life with so much of love.   There is very much possibility that I can have hallucination that I can see in every places where I visit.  Sometimes, it is not a workable option for me to get into a situation where I could not find your presence mentally.  By this, you are now aware how deeply I miss you and how far I can come to meet you.  At this juncture of my life, I just cannot think anything else except your thoughts nurturing my sweetness for you.

I hope you are very well gauging me right about the feelings I have for you through those words.  I wish I could take you on a high with me on a trip specially meant for us.  Just make sure that when you meet me on a rollercoaster drive you have your belts tighten up.

Yours Truly,

Jackie Oliver

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Love Letters

Look For Love Letter


Jess Hall,

Wisconsin 54667


Emma Victoria,

Wisconsin 53449

Dear Emma,

It is my best time in my life to write this letter from bottom of my soul.  This is because at this age where people have friends and family, someone tends to have some kind of relationship where we can share our thoughts personally and have great time spending together.  I don’t know about your feelings for me, but certainly I came to know from my friend circle that you admire me somehow during last college festival.  It is to be noted that I have no girlfriend at this point of time and would prefer instead to have one wherein I can get true meaning of life.

I have told about my feelings through above-stated paragraph, but I would be glad to know about your story if any.  I wish you have great time in your life with your loved ones and also with those who care for you.  Wishing to meet you personally.

Yours Truly,

Jess Hall

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Sad Goodbye Love Letter


Prince Charm,

33rd Mansion, Hudson Avenue,

Wisconsin 55543


Betty Hall-Brook,

10th Floor, Jackson Peak,

Wisconsin 50994

Dear Betty,

This letter is to make you aware that I am going through horribly rough time.  I would not but need to say goodbye my love.   This extreme step I have taken is because of constant pressure brought in by my family members to look into their family run business and also shift my home place nearby to that place.  I wish I could have done something before this situation has taken its toll on me, but I need to look into my family members constantly for their personal and health issues.  There are instances where I have no time for my family members and you because of my higher education and devotion to my business.

I would not take your consent that you will be okay with my decision, but to let you know that it is really paining in my heart for taking such extreme step at this point where we were planning to get married soon.  Goodbye love.

Yours Truly,

Prince Charm

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Very Sad Love Letter


Katy Hench,

23B Wilson Apt., Opp. Silk-Route Boulevard,

Wisconsin 52890


Jackson Pier,

22nd Floor, Venice Apt., Cross-Lane Avenue,

New York 545538

Dear Jackson,

It is very hard time that I am writing this letter to you.  I am facing enough criticism from my family and relatives for our relationship since past many months now.  They are of their views that you are still not settled and would not be able to take care of me properly and also you are of chain alcoholic drinker.

I had my time making them understand that you are going to leave alcohol drink gradually and also will try your best to have a stable job.  Now, I am at this juncture where no one is standing to support me for what I am for.  There has been gradual deterioration in health of my grandparents, which is making me feel sadder.  I certainly know that you are going through your rough phase of life and also trying hard to make things at their right place.  I would get back to you very soon once the situation gets normal.

Yours Lovingly,

Katy Hench

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Love Letter

To my dearest someone,

I never thought that my heart would beat so fast whenever you are near me. I just cannot explain why and how I feel this way when your eyes meet mine. I know it was just last week since I saw you. But your charm and smile seem to stick like a glue. I think of it every night as if there is no tomorrow. I want to be with you. I just do not how and what to do. I am just a typical guy who could not offer any fame or fortune. I am just a simple guy who is willing to give out everything just for you.

I know I am being too fast but that is what my heart says. Every beat echoes in my mind and in my life. You are like an angel that whispers soft and sweet words. I hope that you would give me a chance to prove that I love you.

Lovingly yours,


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Love Letters

Sweet Love Letters

Love letters are excellent for showing your care and affection to your partner. In writing sweet love letters, you should express what your heart feels and explain thing as honest as possible. Expressing sweetness in your love letter would definitely make your partner’s heart jump in gladness and be happy to see you again.

My Beloved Cornelia,

Every time I see you, I could not control myself to smile. You bring happiness in me and I want you to know that I cherish the moments that we have shared together. I love you because of your kindness, your sweet loving care and your thoughtfulness.

You have always been very good to me and I could not ask for more kindness from you. I want to show you my desire to make you happy for the rest of our lives. I would give you everything and I promise that I will never break your heart. Although we have several misunderstandings, you are always there to keep things cool and remind me that you will always love me.

I love you because you appreciate even the smallest things and I would like to express my dearest love for you. I hope that we will be in each other’s hands soon.

I love you,


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Gay Love Letters

Showing how much you care to your partner can be easily done with a simple love letter. When writing a gay love letter, there is not much difference as compared with other love letters. The key factor that you need to remember is to show your true feelings and accompany your letter with tender love and affection towards your partner.

Dearest Sean,

I hope that you are fine upon reading this letter. I want you to know that I adore what you are showing to me these past few weeks. Each moment that we are in each other’s hands, I cannot help myself but smile with the gladness that my heart feels every time we embrace. I appreciate how you protected me in times that we face trials and comfort me every time I am sorrowful. I hope that our love towards each other would never end and we live happily until we grow old.

I wrote this letter for you to know that I will always be here for you and give you everything your heart desires. I love you so much and I will do anything just to make you happy. I hope that our affection and care for each other last for a lifetime because you will always be in my heart.

Love lots,