Love Letters

Gay Love Letters

Showing how much you care to your partner can be easily done with a simple love letter. When writing a gay love letter, there is not much difference as compared with other love letters. The key factor that you need to remember is to show your true feelings and accompany your letter with tender love and affection towards your partner.

Dearest Sean,

I hope that you are fine upon reading this letter. I want you to know that I adore what you are showing to me these past few weeks. Each moment that we are in each other’s hands, I cannot help myself but smile with the gladness that my heart feels every time we embrace. I appreciate how you protected me in times that we face trials and comfort me every time I am sorrowful. I hope that our love towards each other would never end and we live happily until we grow old.

I wrote this letter for you to know that I will always be here for you and give you everything your heart desires. I love you so much and I will do anything just to make you happy. I hope that our affection and care for each other last for a lifetime because you will always be in my heart.

Love lots,


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