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Touching Love Letter


Grace Hamilton,

22nd Floor, Peak-View Apt., Hallmark Boulevard,

New York 557780


Josh Princely,

50C Peacock House, Opp. Risky Heights,

New York 569976

Dear Josh,

I, Grace Hamilton, would like to thank you for your kind support in my hardest time.  It is your touching love that makes me believe that world is beautiful like a pond of flowers with roaming butterflies.  There is very much possibility that I will not find happiness at places where I cannot find yourself, your thoughts, your talk, etc.  Since I met you in my life, my life has really turned into glowing star.  Happiness has been there always in my life since beginning of our relationship.

Kindly do me a favor that you will never leave me at any given point of time unless death apart us.  Yes, I still believe that death is mere nonexistence of person but will definitely not stop our souls getting together.  You made be believe in a truth by which there is no place where lie could ever find a place to rest.  Always yours passionately.

Yours Lovingly,

Grace Hamilton

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