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Jackie Oliver,

New Jersey 07770


Tracy Pouch,

New Jersey 07889

Dear Tracy,

This time I consider best to get in touch with you since you are already in my life with so much of love.   There is very much possibility that I can have hallucination that I can see in every places where I visit.  Sometimes, it is not a workable option for me to get into a situation where I could not find your presence mentally.  By this, you are now aware how deeply I miss you and how far I can come to meet you.  At this juncture of my life, I just cannot think anything else except your thoughts nurturing my sweetness for you.

I hope you are very well gauging me right about the feelings I have for you through those words.  I wish I could take you on a high with me on a trip specially meant for us.  Just make sure that when you meet me on a rollercoaster drive you have your belts tighten up.

Yours Truly,

Jackie Oliver

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