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Very Sad Love Letter


Katy Hench,

23B Wilson Apt., Opp. Silk-Route Boulevard,

Wisconsin 52890


Jackson Pier,

22nd Floor, Venice Apt., Cross-Lane Avenue,

New York 545538

Dear Jackson,

It is very hard time that I am writing this letter to you.  I am facing enough criticism from my family and relatives for our relationship since past many months now.  They are of their views that you are still not settled and would not be able to take care of me properly and also you are of chain alcoholic drinker.

I had my time making them understand that you are going to leave alcohol drink gradually and also will try your best to have a stable job.  Now, I am at this juncture where no one is standing to support me for what I am for.  There has been gradual deterioration in health of my grandparents, which is making me feel sadder.  I certainly know that you are going through your rough phase of life and also trying hard to make things at their right place.  I would get back to you very soon once the situation gets normal.

Yours Lovingly,

Katy Hench

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