Letter of Intents

Intent Commercial Letter


White Bet,

Wilson Group of Companies,

New York 563370


Frank Peterson,

Walter Commercial Park, 38th Avenue,

New York 553426

Dear Mr. Frank,

We are happy to inform you that our company would like to get into commercial tie-up with your company.  The commercial intent hereby made by us would require your materials on time for our new product going to be launched late next month.  We will be delighted if you could provide us best possible price list for materials.  Also, please let us know about possible bulk purchase price after certain amount of purchase gone above limit.  We would like to carry on this commercial arrangement for at least 2 years on almost regular basis.

Since it is a commercial involvement, I would take your consent that it is not going to be discussed with any of our competitors or any third party hereon.  Do let us know about any plan that you have in our best interest considering it is first time to deal with you.  Your reply is eagerly awaited.

Yours Truly,

White Bet

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