Letter of Intents

Letter of Intents

Letter of intent is a document drawn up to close mammoth business deals that rest on the consensus of two participating individuals. Usually such letters are given to initiate the formalization process of joint acts that allow the participants to engage in official negotiations given the relaxed nature of these professionally-written contracts. Therefore, it is not as stringently forceful in character as other financial bonds.

Letter of intent or memoranda of agreement is a very crucial document for any kind of business deal involving two parties and hence it should be signed only after  meticulous reading and detailed understanding of the entire content. The points given below provide a guide to close a letter of intent successfully:

  • The details including the name of the concerned person, department, and designation of the person must be given accurately. It’s best to leave it nameless if the name of the person or who to address is not known for certain.
  • It is preferable to give the letter in typing rather than in hand-written to maintain the business class and feel of the deed.
  • The main information should be covered up in the first paragraph which includes the introduction of the writer and his field of interest.
Letter of Intents

Letter Of Intent for Secretary Position


Sarah Jacobs

F-78, east villa tower, London


18th April 2012

Subject: Letter of intent for secretary position

Dear Miss Jacobs

This is to inform you that our company ‘ Roger and Davis’ have decided to offer you a letter of intent for the job of a secretary in our head office in London. This comes as a response to the application sent by you to us by email. We are impressed with your credentials and the experience you hold. Given that you give a positive response to this email, an interview would be held, after clearing which you would be appointed for the job.

The following are the details of the job of a secretary in our company:

Timings: 9 am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday.

Nature of job: clearing queries of callers and visitors, arranging meetings, responding to letters etc.

If you are interested in the job position, please revert back to us through email.

Thanking you

Martha Black,

Roger and Davis

Letter of Intents

Letter of Intent for Senior Project Manager


Jacob Hedley

J-90, James Street, Toronto, Canada


29th May 2012

Subject: letter of intent for senior project manager position

Respected Mr. Hedley,

This is to inform you that we at ‘Lawrence Construction works’ have gone through you application for the job position of the senior project manager and have considered you as the suitable choice for the position. We intend to offer you this job and hope that you shall revert back with a positive response. For your convenience and information, the following job related details have been given:

Salary package: $40000 per year

Working days: Monday to Friday

Number of offs permitted in a year: 30

Timings: 9 am to 6 pm

This job position is one of the supreme positions in our company and any person who takes it is expected to bring along all the experience, knowledge and expertise to the floor.

Please revert back to us within one week.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Cindy Mathews

MD, Lawrence Construction works



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Letter of Intents

Letter of Intent for Training


Henry Brown

Head, HR department

Marks and brown’s solutions

4-g, Tim Street, London


12th June 2012

Subject: Letter of intent for sales and marketing training

Respected Mr. Brown,

I, Fred Flintstones would like to express my intent to be a trainee under the sales and marketing department of your company. As per the training position opening in the newspaper ‘London Times’, I apply for the position and hope that my credentials and qualifications will help me earn this opportunity.

I have completed my graduation in business administration from University of Leeds in the year 2011 and also pursued a diploma course in sales and marketing as well. I have keen interest in this field and I am of the view that this position in your reputed company will help me to develop my knowledge, skills and passion.

I am attaching my resume along with this letter,

Thanking you

Fred Flintstones




Letters Of Intent

Letter of Intents

Letter of Intent to use Letter


Fredrick Black

Owner, Black Xerox store



18th June 2012

Respected Mr. Black,

Subject: Letter of intent to use a Xerox machine

I, Henry Jack, owner of Jackson house of stores would like to express the intent of using two of the Xerox machines owned by you for a period of a week. I run a photocopy store in London but have encountered a problem with two of my machines due to which my business is suffering great loss. If you are interested, would like to make you an offer of $50 for each machine.

I shall take full responsibility in case of any problem or error that occurs with the machines and would make you necessary servicing charges for the same. It would be my pleasure to use your help and assure you of the fact that i will take care of the machines like my own.

Please revert back with your response.

Thanking you

Henry Jack


Letter of Intents

Non Binding Letter of Intent


Mr. James Smith

General Manager- Sales

Hampton Sales Pvt. Ltd

33-T, Johnson Park, Hudson Road

New York, America

Date: May 7th, 2012

Subject: A Non- Binding Letter of Intent

Dear Mr. Smith,

As per the our telephonic discussion held on May 4th, 2012, this is to notify you that Blue Ray Marketing Pvt. Ltd agrees to enter into a Product Marketing Agreement with Hampton Sales Pvt. Ltd for a purpose of advertising its saleable products. The objective of this Non binding letter is to clarify that both the parties are free from any sort of obligations in order to fulfil the terms & conditions of this agreement.

Both the parties mutually intent to negotiate, execute the policies, complete the targeted aims and deliver the committed results to follow the Marketing Agreement. Kindly find enclosed proposed and approved non- binding terms & conditions with this letter.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Emma Wilson

Manager- Marketing

Blue Ray Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Letter of Intents

Letter of Intent College Letter


Mr. Edward Atkinson,

Head- Education Department

Garrison College of London,

34- L Roads, 3rd Division,

Near Cathedral Street

London, United Kingdom

Date: May 2nd, 2012

Subject: College Intent Letter

Dear Mr. Atkinson,

I am writing this letter to express my intent of joining your leading College for my PhD program in Business Management stream. I have a Master’s degree in Business Management from King Arthur College of Business Management, London. Academically, I have a bright record in terms of scoring impressive marks, whereas in my extra- circular background, I have participated in three National level debate competitions for which I have been awarded with gold medals & certifications.

I am very much keen to join Garrison College of London in order to obtain my Doctorate degree in the aforementioned stream. After this, I would prefer to initiate my research program on behalf of your University.

I hope that you will consider my intent of completing my PhD program from your college. Looking forward for a positive reply from your end.

Yours Sincerely,

Maria Gomes



Letters of Intent

Letter of Intents

Letter of Intent Job Application Letter


Mr. George Hopkinson,

Manager- Sales

Maria Group of Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd

Wilma Business Square, Hudson Road

New Jersey, U.S.A

Date: May 3rd, 2012

Subject: A Letter of Intent Job Application Letter

Dear Mr. Hopkinson,

I am writing this letter with the reference of Mr. Andrew Williams, Manager- Marketing of Maria Group of sales & services Pvt. Ltd. The essence of this letter is to express my intent to apply for the job position of Assistant Manager- sales in your company.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from University of America. I have three years of sales field experience in the industry. Kindly find enclosed my job application for this position.

I hope that you will consider my job application for this designation as I strongly desire to work for an esteemed sales organization like yours. Hope to get a positive response from your end.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Graham

Letter of Intents

Letter of Intent for a Purchase


Mr. Mathew Hoyden

General Manager- Sales

Greenway Manufactures Pvt. Ltd

Sky High Park, Cathedral Road

New York, U.S.A

Date: May 1st, 2012

Subject: A Letter of Intent for a Purchase

Dear Mr. Hoyden,

We at Wilma Purchaser & Supplier Pvt. Ltd express our intent to purchase the products from Greenway Manufactures Pvt. Ltd. Kindly review the list of product which we intent to purchase along with official terms & conditions.

In this enclosed list of products, we have clearly discussed the product specifications including the standard size, colour and shape, etc. We are willing to buy all products in a fixed quantity of 1, 000 units this year.

As per your telephonic discussion held with Mr. Carry- Senior head, Purchase Department, we can clear half of the quoted purchase amount as advance, whereas the rest amount will be transacted after receiving the complete delivery of products.


George Smith

General Manager- Purchase

Wilma Purchaser & Suppliers Pvt. Ltd

Letter of Intents

Intent Commercial Letter


White Bet,

Wilson Group of Companies,

New York 563370


Frank Peterson,

Walter Commercial Park, 38th Avenue,

New York 553426

Dear Mr. Frank,

We are happy to inform you that our company would like to get into commercial tie-up with your company.  The commercial intent hereby made by us would require your materials on time for our new product going to be launched late next month.  We will be delighted if you could provide us best possible price list for materials.  Also, please let us know about possible bulk purchase price after certain amount of purchase gone above limit.  We would like to carry on this commercial arrangement for at least 2 years on almost regular basis.

Since it is a commercial involvement, I would take your consent that it is not going to be discussed with any of our competitors or any third party hereon.  Do let us know about any plan that you have in our best interest considering it is first time to deal with you.  Your reply is eagerly awaited.

Yours Truly,

White Bet

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