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Sad Goodbye Love Letter


Prince Charm,

33rd Mansion, Hudson Avenue,

Wisconsin 55543


Betty Hall-Brook,

10th Floor, Jackson Peak,

Wisconsin 50994

Dear Betty,

This letter is to make you aware that I am going through horribly rough time.  I would not but need to say goodbye my love.   This extreme step I have taken is because of constant pressure brought in by my family members to look into their family run business and also shift my home place nearby to that place.  I wish I could have done something before this situation has taken its toll on me, but I need to look into my family members constantly for their personal and health issues.  There are instances where I have no time for my family members and you because of my higher education and devotion to my business.

I would not take your consent that you will be okay with my decision, but to let you know that it is really paining in my heart for taking such extreme step at this point where we were planning to get married soon.  Goodbye love.

Yours Truly,

Prince Charm

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