Sales Letters

Sales Letters

The purpose of any sales letter is to sell and many companies depend a lot on them to boost their sales.  But these are unsolicited letters, so it is important to ensure that your sales letter does not go unnoticed.

First impressions can make or mar your sales pitch, so make a good opening statement.  The first paragraph should grab the reader’s attention and make him/her want to continue to read the rest of the letter.

An effective sales letter is one which can give enough details to the reader and whet their appetite for knowing more about the product or services.  It should be interesting, but at the same time it should not be overstated.  It is best to stick to facts as everybody appreciates honesty.

You can gain credibility by giving references of any of your loyal clientele.  In case this is not possible, give the details of your website or other sources from where the reader can get to know more about your business.

As you close the letter remember to reiterate about your product/service and also thank the reader for the time and effort.  You can also promise to follow-up this letter with a personal meeting to take the sales-pitch to the next level.

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