Sales Letters

Sales Letters

The purpose of any sales letter is to sell and many companies depend a lot on them to boost their sales.  But these are unsolicited letters, so it is important to ensure that your sales letter does not go unnoticed.

First impressions can make or mar your sales pitch, so make a good opening statement.  The first paragraph should grab the reader’s attention and make him/her want to continue to read the rest of the letter.

An effective sales letter is one which can give enough details to the reader and whet their appetite for knowing more about the product or services.  It should be interesting, but at the same time it should not be overstated.  It is best to stick to facts as everybody appreciates honesty.

You can gain credibility by giving references of any of your loyal clientele.  In case this is not possible, give the details of your website or other sources from where the reader can get to know more about your business.

As you close the letter remember to reiterate about your product/service and also thank the reader for the time and effort.  You can also promise to follow-up this letter with a personal meeting to take the sales-pitch to the next level.

Sales Letters

Used Car Sales Letter


Mr Rudolf Sammy

Sales Manager

Bright Spark Cars,

Harrington Square, Near Amway Tower,

Manchester, England

Date: 15 May 2012

Subject: Used Cars Sales Letter

Dear Mr Sammy,

I extend my professional gratitude to you and your company Bright Spark Cars on behalf of my company Allwin Used Cars. For 25 years our company has been providing most varied and reliable used cars in the city and has met the satisfaction of thousands of customers in Manchester.

As sales Manager of Bright Spark Cars, you would appreciate the value of Used Cars in these days of financial crisis. Our company has been dealing in buying and selling used cars of almost all the brands in UK with after sales service too for the customers. Hence we cut down the overall maintaining costs.

For information please call 5465 222 3434 or email at

Yours Sincerely,

Mr James Jason

Manager Sales

Allwin Used Cars

Sales Letters

Selling Incentives Sales Letter


Mr Samuels Smith

Purchase Manager

Fairdeal Stationery

98 Floors, 5th Tower

County Island, London, UK

Date: 12 may 2012

Subject: Selling Incentive Sales Letter

Dear Mr Smith,

It has been a great opportunity to work with your company which has carved its name in the world of Stationery in UK. We are delighted to see and use the best quality stationery and products from your company which is very popular in the market.

On behalf of our company Esteem Paper Mills, I put forward a kind of paper which is manufactured out of the sugarcane waste & Molasses and costs very less than conventional wood paper. The quality and finesse of this paper will certainly startle you and we are offering 50% discount as selling incentive offer on this new product with new companies.

For detailed information call 4545 654 2938 or email at

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Statham Danny

Marketing Manager

Esteem Paper Mills

Sales Letters

Travel Sales Letter


Mr William Jones,

Travel Manager

Royal Limousines

3345 Park’s Street

Maiden Road, Philadelphia

USA 656543

Date: 14 May 2012

Subject: Travel Sales Letter

Dear Mr Jones,

I was delighted to read about the excellent Limousine service of your company Royal Limousines at your company’s website and have been following your guidelines in dealing with other companies. I would extend my request to your company for travel products on your limousines for VIPs and special clients. We have been providing best packaged and top quality bottled drinks and aerated products for onboard use.

Our products certainly increase the popularity of any travel site and our quality products will certainly leave mark on your brand name with our company. Thus, I am writing so that we can fix a meeting with you for more exchange of thoughts on the matter.

For more queries please call on 8787 665 4535 or write


Yours Sincerely,

Mr Rod Harrison

HR Manager

Travel Partner Inc.


Sales Letter Templates

Sales Letters

Best Sales Letter


Mr Robert Mike

Sales Executive

New Way Solutions,

82 Parallel Street, Dean Park,

Dallas, US

Subject: Best Sales Letter

Dear Mr Mike,

It has been a very good opportunity to write to your company New Ways Solutions on behalf of Touchwood Delivery. One of the most important and vital parts of any business is the distribution and delivery, which crafts the success path of any company. Our company has been providing the best available shipping and distributing solutions, which will instil faith and trust of clients in your company.

Our company Touchwood Delivery has been very resourceful and promising in delivering all packages in less than 6 working days to anywhere in the US. Since we have our own transport system, so we work on all days and deliver the products in a state on the fourth day, which is a commitment.

For more information please call 5656 443 2332 or email at

Yours Sincerely,

George Smith


Touchwood Delivery


Sales Letter

Sales Letters

Advertising Sales Letter


Mr Jason Blair

Marketing Manager

Blair Electronics London,

6th Street, Mary Square

Birmingham, UK

Date: May 14th 2012

Subject:  An Advertising Sales Letter

Dear Mr Blair,

It is indeed my pleasure to write to you on behalf of Link Advertising Media, London for your service. The very idea of writing this letter to you is to bring out the need for an effective Advertising campaign for various products and services for your company Blair Electronics London. Our company has a reputed name in UK market toward the advertising of client companies.

At our end at Link Advertising Media, we promote the client companies with utmost care and offer them the best in class Media Advertising through various media sources at very special prices with discounts on first transaction.

For more queries please call 4545 667 2003 or write at

Eagerly waiting for your response!

Yours faithfully,

Tony Hanks

Sales Manager

Link Advertising Media

Sales Letters

Instant Sales Letter


Ms. Linda Gomes

34/ J, Sunrise Apartment, Cathedral Road,

New York, USA

Date: May 15th, 2012

Subject: An Instant Sales Letter to a prospective Consumer!

Dear Ms. Gomes,

We at Diana Beauty Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd, would like to inform you about our end of season clearance sale for a wide range of skin care and anti- aging beauty products.  This attractive clearance sale offer is introduced for wholesale buyers in which all skin care products are available at reduced prices. Kindly find enclosed a pamphlet of discounted beauty care products for more details.

Diana Beauty Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd is a leading brand of cosmetic products based in New York with its wide outlet network all over the country. Our skin care and anti- aging products are trusted by the leading celebrities around the globe. All products are hundred percent original as these are laboratory tested by the experts. We offer absolutely free shipment for orders above $ 3, 000.

Please Note: This Offer is valid till May30th, 2012.

In case of any query, you can call us on: 7989 798 6799 or send your query at:

Thank you,

Maria Anderson

Manager- Sales

Sales Letters

Email Sales Letter

Date: May 3rd, 2012

Sub: Sales Email

Dear Mr. Andrew Gomes,

Do you want to buy French Patio Furniture and exclusive artefacts at affordable prices to decorate your new house or apartment?

Wilma Patio & Home Decors Pvt. Ltd has come up with a unique range of French Patio Furniture and Home decorative available at reasonable prices with a free home delivery option. The French patio range includes outdoor furniture, living room furniture and bedroom furniture. Home decors consist of a wide array of table top accessories, candle stands & perfumed candles, painting and picture frames, etc.

For more details, you can explore our official website: You can place an online order by choosing your desired French patio furniture and attractive household artefacts. We will immediately ship your ordered goods after receiving your online order.

In case of any query, please contact us at: or on: 7989 798 7989. Our 27 X 7 customer support team will be happy to serve you!

Thank you,

Adriana Lopez

Manager- Sales & Marketing

Wilma Patio & Home Decors Pvt. Ltd

Sales Letters

Sales Pitch Letter


Ms Cindy Sharon

Manager Sales Department

High Rise Marketing

Remo Street, Downtown Park

Washington DC, US

Date: 14 May 2012

Subject: Sales Pitch Letter

Dear Ms Sharon,

It is indeed very prudent to increase the pitch of the sales of a company which can be best done by help of effective sales and marketing team. I, on behalf of Eagle Sales Pvt Ltd, am here to introduce you the best custom solutions for product marketing and distribution needs.

At Eagle Sales we develop special and effective business relationship with the clients by virtue of our innovative and extensive knowledge of all aspects of trading, importing, exporting and marketing. With more than 20 years of experience in this industry and marketing, we are the best choice for your company to increase your revenue and sales.

For queries write to or call 1988 345 6767.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Moore

Marketing Manager

Eagle Sales Pvt. Ltd.

Sales Letters

Sales Letter Software

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