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Best Sales Letter


Mr Robert Mike

Sales Executive

New Way Solutions,

82 Parallel Street, Dean Park,

Dallas, US

Subject: Best Sales Letter

Dear Mr Mike,

It has been a very good opportunity to write to your company New Ways Solutions on behalf of Touchwood Delivery. One of the most important and vital parts of any business is the distribution and delivery, which crafts the success path of any company. Our company has been providing the best available shipping and distributing solutions, which will instil faith and trust of clients in your company.

Our company Touchwood Delivery has been very resourceful and promising in delivering all packages in less than 6 working days to anywhere in the US. Since we have our own transport system, so we work on all days and deliver the products in a state on the fourth day, which is a commitment.

For more information please call 5656 443 2332 or email at

Yours Sincerely,

George Smith


Touchwood Delivery


Sales Letter

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