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Travel Sales Letter


Mr William Jones,

Travel Manager

Royal Limousines

3345 Park’s Street

Maiden Road, Philadelphia

USA 656543

Date: 14 May 2012

Subject: Travel Sales Letter

Dear Mr Jones,

I was delighted to read about the excellent Limousine service of your company Royal Limousines at your company’s website and have been following your guidelines in dealing with other companies. I would extend my request to your company for travel products on your limousines for VIPs and special clients. We have been providing best packaged and top quality bottled drinks and aerated products for onboard use.

Our products certainly increase the popularity of any travel site and our quality products will certainly leave mark on your brand name with our company. Thus, I am writing so that we can fix a meeting with you for more exchange of thoughts on the matter.

For more queries please call on 8787 665 4535 or write


Yours Sincerely,

Mr Rod Harrison

HR Manager

Travel Partner Inc.


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