Solicitation Letters

Solicitation Letters

Solicitation letters, as the name clearly suggest, are documents written in the form of official letters to plead some person or company to offer help, generally for charity or such human purposes. The purpose of solicitation letters may range from funding of schools or homes for the unfortunate people, health and blood-donation camps, charity program, sponsors to fundraising event management, auctions, campaigning for social activities, etc.

All solicitation letters do not fall under similar category but the basic format remains unchanged. These letters always begin with the name and address of the sender followed by those of the recipient, along with respective company names. The salutation of the letter has to be decided as per the purpose and the existing relationship between both parties. There are a few aspects that need to be considered for framing an appropriate and perfect solicitation letter, such as:

  • It is to be realized that many such important letters are drafted each day and hence the introduction should clearly represent the actual details of the solicitation so that the concerned individual or company, whoever the letter has been subject to, understands the fundamental concept.
  • Solicitation letters should necessarily convey the need for the same and, more importantly, the reason for approaching the particular firm for the cause.
  • All particulars related to the event or cause requiring solicitation is to be provided.

The letter should be written in a sincerely grateful tone and not look like some business agreement.

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