Certification Letters

Charity Engagement Letter


Children Development and Relief Organization

West Road, Cambridge



Date: 6th August, 2012

Subject: Letter of Charity Engagement

Dear Trustees,

We are pleased to continue our appointment as your tax advisors, as it was decided on the last meeting that was held on 1st August 2012. This letter is being solicited with a purpose of clarifying our respective responsibilities on which we will act upon, during our contract tenure.

Please read the letter carefully as it denotes the basis on which we would be providing our services so as to avoid any misunderstanding in future.

Nature of services:

We would be providing tax related advises, consultation, assist in filing taxes of the forecasted financial year and responsible for conducting audit.

Fees arrangement:

Our fees should be computed on the basis of time spent for delivering any of a particular tax related services and the skill of our staff. Our hourly rate is £ 500. Moreover, we would also request our client to pay a proportion of our fees in a monthly standing order.

Records Ownership:

In case of non-payment of our fees for the services we have provided, we reserve the right of ownership on records in our possession and withhold the same until the full payment is not received.

Please confirm the engagement terms set on this letter by signing and returning a copy of it. Also, feel free to revert back for any further clarification.

Yours Faithfully,

George Haul

Executive Tax Advisor

Royal Financial Corp.

Cambridge, UK

Certification Letters

Volunteer Certification Letter


Bane Kurt

Tall Buildings Society

79 West Side Street

South Carolina, North Dakota 8745

Dated: 3rd of August 2012

Subject: Letter of volunteer certification

Respected Mr. Kurt,

This is to certify that Bane Kurt has worked as a volunteer for the World Education Awareness project organized and funded by our organization.

Our organization World Social Service undertakes various projects in order to improve living conditions around the world. Similarly we had organized a project in order to provide education to the children of the underprivileged countries. In order to make the project successful we required number of interested volunteers. Bane Kurt was one of them. He helped us in executing the project by volunteering to teach these children for a period of one month and also in hiring permanent teachers for the schools set up in these countries by our organization. He has travelled with us to various countries in Africa. He has taught the people over there about the importance of education. His contribution was very essential for the success of the project.

We would like to congratulate him for showing interest and volunteering for such a social cause. Please consider this as your volunteer certification letter.


Bruce Wayne

Projects Head

World Social Service

Certification Letters

Vendor Certification Letter


Neil Diamond

Managing Director

Cleaning and Washing Services Limited

56 Tango Charlie Street

South Hall, United Kingdom 4321

Dated: 1st of June 2012

Subject: Letter for vendor certification

Respected Mr. Diamond,

This is to bring to your notice that your organization has been approved by our management to get a vendor certification. This certification allows your organization to provide vendor services to various clients.

Your organization which started its operation on 21st of June 2011 did not had a vendor certification. In case you do not fall under this certification you are not abiding by the State laws of Vendor Act.  As per the Vendor Act you need to be certified by our Governing Council. Now that you are certified you can provide your vendor services normally as per the law. Your organization specializes in providing cleaning and plumbing to services to office premises as well as commercial properties. Your vendor services should not include any other service other than the mentioned above. This certification is valid only for services within the city of South Hall. If you want to provide services as a vendor in a different city or state you have to have a different certification.


Henry Cooper

Inspection Department Head

Certification Governing Council

Certification Letters

Trainee Certification Letter


Neil Armstrong

HR Manager

Hilton Group of Hotels

89 Newton Apple Street

New London, United Kingdom 7654

Dated: 3rd of August 2012

Subject: Letter for trainee certification

Respected Mr. Armstrong,

This letter is in regards to the application made by Chris Nolan in your hotel for the position of an assistant steward. This is to bring to your notice that Chris Nolan has undergone training at our hotel training school and we would like to certify him as a trainee.

Chris Nolan has pursued a diploma course in hotel culinary skills from our institute. It is a one year course. He has been a brilliant trainee throughout the course. When he had joined us, he already had lots of knowledge in the field of cooking. He is aware various kinds of cuisine from different parts of the world. We are proud to have a trainee like him at our institute. He was fast at learning things and would come up with innovative cooking styles and recipes. He has cleared all the examinations in the course at one go.

I request you to consider this letter as a trainee certification letter.


Luke Kelly

Training Department Head

Hotel Culinary and Management  Training Institute

Certification Letters

Job Training Certification Letter


Lou Barnett

Operations Manager

Sun Shine Technologies

67 Yankee Doodle Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 9087

Dated: 10th of July 2012

Subject:  Certification for completion of job training

Respected Mr. Barnett,

This letter is to certify that Josh Harnett who has joined the company recently has completed his process training. I would like to bring to your notice that he is now ready to work on the operations floor.

Josh Harnett has joined our organization on 15th of June 2012 in the position of a customer service executive. He has been recruited for the Delta Airlines Process. Before he starts working on the floor in that process he had to undergo process training as per the company policies. It is twenty day training. He has undergone and completed the process training for Delta Airlines successfully. He has been a bright trainee, very quick at grabbing the process. There were number of evaluations in the training process, he has cleared all these evaluations in the first go. I can assure you that now he has complete knowledge about the process and will prove to be an efficient employee.

Please consider this as a job training certification letter.


Ross Taylor

Process Trainer

Sun Shine Technologies

Certification Letters

Project Certification Letter


Neil Diamond

Project Manager

Hobbit Water Purifying Limited

89 Oscar Wild Street

Florida, Los Angeles 4590

Dated: 5th of July 2012

Subject: Letter for certification of project

Respected Mr. Diamond,

This letter is in regards to the water purifying project undertaken by your organization in order to prove the quality of water supply in the countryside of the state of Los Angeles.  We would like to bring to your notice that as per the results of our investigation we certify your project.

There was complaint from the residents of the villages in the state of Los Angeles against the quality of water supply they get. Your organization took the responsibility of changing and improving the quality of water supply. The project took time duration of six months to complete. After it was complete we had sent our investigation team to check the outcome the project. They checked and did find that the quality of water being supplied has improved. We also did take the feedback of the residents and it was positive.  We would like to congratulate for such a social contribution and also on successful completion of the project.

Please consider this as project certification letter.


Ben Stiller

State Projects Department Organization

Certification Letters

Electrical Certification Letter


Kurt Cobain

Oscar Housing Group Limited

78 Indiana Jones Street

New York, New Jersey 5678

Dated: 3rd of June 2012

Subject: Letter for electrical certification

Respected Mr. Cobain,

This is in regards to your requirement for an electrician to check all the electrical connections and all the wirings in the apartments of your housing society. This letter is to bring to your notice that Rick Martin is a certified electrician, certified by Electrical Department of State of New Jersey.

Rick Martin has been working as an electrician since last five years. He has been efficient professional with solutions to all electrical problems. He had submitted all the required documents which are true and accurate as per our investigation. Based on these documents we found him eligible for this certification. He has already done wiring work for a number of reputed housing societies as well office buildings. I believe that if you hire for the wiring and all electrical related jobs for your housing society, it will be beneficial for you.             

I would request you to consider this letter as an electrical certification letter. For any query feel free to contact us.


Herbert Wilson

Certification Department Head

Electrical Department of State of New Jersey

Certification Letters

Tax Certification Letter


Ricky Martin

Off Shore Buildings

Flat no. 23, 2nd floor, block B

90 On High Road

Oklahoma City, Miami 4578

Dated: 14th of August 2012

Subject: Letter for tax certification

Respected Mr. Martin,

This letter is in regards to the tax paid by you for the financial year April 2011 to March 2012 to Miami State Income Tax Organization. I would request you to consider this letter as your tax certification letter.

You have paid a total income tax of $5000 for the financial year April 2011 to March 2012. The tax is the total of your annual income that is $90000. The rebates included in your income tax include the monthly rent paid by you for the temporary address in which you are staying and deduction of 10 percent under section 80 for the insurance premium being paid by you. The other rebate includes the amount paid as monthly installment for your home loan.

We confirm that all the financial information revealed by you is accurate as per our investigation. You have no late tax payment fine as you paid your tax on time. Please find the tax related documents enclosed with this letter.


Nick Carter

Citizen Taxes Department Head

Miami State Income Tax Organization

Certification Letters

Training Certification Letter


Robin Blue

Recruitment Department Head

Gas Garments Limited

34 South End Road

Laguna City, Las Vegas 5680

Dated: 7th of July 2012

Subject: Letter to certify completion of training

Respected Mr. Blue,

This is to bring to your notice that Howard Mayor has undergone training in fashion designing from our organization. This letter is to certify the completion of the training by Howard Mayor.

Howard Mayor had joined our organization on 1st of June 2010 in order to pursue diploma training in fashion designing. He has been a bright trainee and very fast at picking up instructions. There has not been a single day he has missed his classes. He has excellent designing skills and very innovative in nature. He has always submitted his projects on time and it was one of the best project works in his batch. We are proud that we had trainee like him in our institution. I believe that he will make an excellent designer and will be an asset for whichever fashion house he joins.

I assure you he will turn out to be an excellent in house designer. I request you consider this as his training certification letter.


Florence Hill

Faculty Head

Design Fashion Training Institute

Certification Letters

Tenant Certification Letter


Jake Blake

Sun Shine Apartments

90 Indian Side Lane

New York, New Jersey 3409

Dated: 3rd of May 2012

Subject: Letter for certification of tenant

Respected Mr. Blake,

This letter is in regards to the application sent by Roger Moore to take your apartment located at 45 Sour Side Lane, New York, New Jersey 6789 on rent. This to bring to your notice that Roger Moore used to stay as a tenant in a property owned by me and this letter is to give tenant certification to him.

Roger Moore was staying as a tenant in an one storied house owned by me located at 87 Yankee Doodle Street, North Dakota, South Carolina 8976. He was my tenant for a period of two years beginning from 1st of April 2010 till 5th of April 2012. He was paying a rent of $1500 per month. He had always paid his rent on time and there has been never any default from his end. I have never met such a co operative tenant.  Throughout his tenure as a tenant he never caused any damage to the property.

I would request you to consider this letter as a tenant certification letter and rent him out his apartment.


Nathan Lane