Certification Letters

Volunteer Certification Letter


Bane Kurt

Tall Buildings Society

79 West Side Street

South Carolina, North Dakota 8745

Dated: 3rd of August 2012

Subject: Letter of volunteer certification

Respected Mr. Kurt,

This is to certify that Bane Kurt has worked as a volunteer for the World Education Awareness project organized and funded by our organization.

Our organization World Social Service undertakes various projects in order to improve living conditions around the world. Similarly we had organized a project in order to provide education to the children of the underprivileged countries. In order to make the project successful we required number of interested volunteers. Bane Kurt was one of them. He helped us in executing the project by volunteering to teach these children for a period of one month and also in hiring permanent teachers for the schools set up in these countries by our organization. He has travelled with us to various countries in Africa. He has taught the people over there about the importance of education. His contribution was very essential for the success of the project.

We would like to congratulate him for showing interest and volunteering for such a social cause. Please consider this as your volunteer certification letter.


Bruce Wayne

Projects Head

World Social Service

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