Certification Letters

Vendor Certification Letter


Neil Diamond

Managing Director

Cleaning and Washing Services Limited

56 Tango Charlie Street

South Hall, United Kingdom 4321

Dated: 1st of June 2012

Subject: Letter for vendor certification

Respected Mr. Diamond,

This is to bring to your notice that your organization has been approved by our management to get a vendor certification. This certification allows your organization to provide vendor services to various clients.

Your organization which started its operation on 21st of June 2011 did not had a vendor certification. In case you do not fall under this certification you are not abiding by the State laws of Vendor Act.  As per the Vendor Act you need to be certified by our Governing Council. Now that you are certified you can provide your vendor services normally as per the law. Your organization specializes in providing cleaning and plumbing to services to office premises as well as commercial properties. Your vendor services should not include any other service other than the mentioned above. This certification is valid only for services within the city of South Hall. If you want to provide services as a vendor in a different city or state you have to have a different certification.


Henry Cooper

Inspection Department Head

Certification Governing Council

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