Certification Letters

Trainee Certification Letter


Neil Armstrong

HR Manager

Hilton Group of Hotels

89 Newton Apple Street

New London, United Kingdom 7654

Dated: 3rd of August 2012

Subject: Letter for trainee certification

Respected Mr. Armstrong,

This letter is in regards to the application made by Chris Nolan in your hotel for the position of an assistant steward. This is to bring to your notice that Chris Nolan has undergone training at our hotel training school and we would like to certify him as a trainee.

Chris Nolan has pursued a diploma course in hotel culinary skills from our institute. It is a one year course. He has been a brilliant trainee throughout the course. When he had joined us, he already had lots of knowledge in the field of cooking. He is aware various kinds of cuisine from different parts of the world. We are proud to have a trainee like him at our institute. He was fast at learning things and would come up with innovative cooking styles and recipes. He has cleared all the examinations in the course at one go.

I request you to consider this letter as a trainee certification letter.


Luke Kelly

Training Department Head

Hotel Culinary and Management  Training Institute

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