Certification Letters

Job Training Certification Letter


Lou Barnett

Operations Manager

Sun Shine Technologies

67 Yankee Doodle Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 9087

Dated: 10th of July 2012

Subject:  Certification for completion of job training

Respected Mr. Barnett,

This letter is to certify that Josh Harnett who has joined the company recently has completed his process training. I would like to bring to your notice that he is now ready to work on the operations floor.

Josh Harnett has joined our organization on 15th of June 2012 in the position of a customer service executive. He has been recruited for the Delta Airlines Process. Before he starts working on the floor in that process he had to undergo process training as per the company policies. It is twenty day training. He has undergone and completed the process training for Delta Airlines successfully. He has been a bright trainee, very quick at grabbing the process. There were number of evaluations in the training process, he has cleared all these evaluations in the first go. I can assure you that now he has complete knowledge about the process and will prove to be an efficient employee.

Please consider this as a job training certification letter.


Ross Taylor

Process Trainer

Sun Shine Technologies

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