Certification Letters

Project Certification Letter


Neil Diamond

Project Manager

Hobbit Water Purifying Limited

89 Oscar Wild Street

Florida, Los Angeles 4590

Dated: 5th of July 2012

Subject: Letter for certification of project

Respected Mr. Diamond,

This letter is in regards to the water purifying project undertaken by your organization in order to prove the quality of water supply in the countryside of the state of Los Angeles.  We would like to bring to your notice that as per the results of our investigation we certify your project.

There was complaint from the residents of the villages in the state of Los Angeles against the quality of water supply they get. Your organization took the responsibility of changing and improving the quality of water supply. The project took time duration of six months to complete. After it was complete we had sent our investigation team to check the outcome the project. They checked and did find that the quality of water being supplied has improved. We also did take the feedback of the residents and it was positive.  We would like to congratulate for such a social contribution and also on successful completion of the project.

Please consider this as project certification letter.


Ben Stiller

State Projects Department Organization

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