Certification Letters

Electrical Certification Letter


Kurt Cobain

Oscar Housing Group Limited

78 Indiana Jones Street

New York, New Jersey 5678

Dated: 3rd of June 2012

Subject: Letter for electrical certification

Respected Mr. Cobain,

This is in regards to your requirement for an electrician to check all the electrical connections and all the wirings in the apartments of your housing society. This letter is to bring to your notice that Rick Martin is a certified electrician, certified by Electrical Department of State of New Jersey.

Rick Martin has been working as an electrician since last five years. He has been efficient professional with solutions to all electrical problems. He had submitted all the required documents which are true and accurate as per our investigation. Based on these documents we found him eligible for this certification. He has already done wiring work for a number of reputed housing societies as well office buildings. I believe that if you hire for the wiring and all electrical related jobs for your housing society, it will be beneficial for you.             

I would request you to consider this letter as an electrical certification letter. For any query feel free to contact us.


Herbert Wilson

Certification Department Head

Electrical Department of State of New Jersey

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