Certification Letters

Tax Certification Letter


Ricky Martin

Off Shore Buildings

Flat no. 23, 2nd floor, block B

90 On High Road

Oklahoma City, Miami 4578

Dated: 14th of August 2012

Subject: Letter for tax certification

Respected Mr. Martin,

This letter is in regards to the tax paid by you for the financial year April 2011 to March 2012 to Miami State Income Tax Organization. I would request you to consider this letter as your tax certification letter.

You have paid a total income tax of $5000 for the financial year April 2011 to March 2012. The tax is the total of your annual income that is $90000. The rebates included in your income tax include the monthly rent paid by you for the temporary address in which you are staying and deduction of 10 percent under section 80 for the insurance premium being paid by you. The other rebate includes the amount paid as monthly installment for your home loan.

We confirm that all the financial information revealed by you is accurate as per our investigation. You have no late tax payment fine as you paid your tax on time. Please find the tax related documents enclosed with this letter.


Nick Carter

Citizen Taxes Department Head

Miami State Income Tax Organization

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