Certification Letters

Training Certification Letter


Robin Blue

Recruitment Department Head

Gas Garments Limited

34 South End Road

Laguna City, Las Vegas 5680

Dated: 7th of July 2012

Subject: Letter to certify completion of training

Respected Mr. Blue,

This is to bring to your notice that Howard Mayor has undergone training in fashion designing from our organization. This letter is to certify the completion of the training by Howard Mayor.

Howard Mayor had joined our organization on 1st of June 2010 in order to pursue diploma training in fashion designing. He has been a bright trainee and very fast at picking up instructions. There has not been a single day he has missed his classes. He has excellent designing skills and very innovative in nature. He has always submitted his projects on time and it was one of the best project works in his batch. We are proud that we had trainee like him in our institution. I believe that he will make an excellent designer and will be an asset for whichever fashion house he joins.

I assure you he will turn out to be an excellent in house designer. I request you consider this as his training certification letter.


Florence Hill

Faculty Head

Design Fashion Training Institute

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