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Charity Engagement Letter


Children Development and Relief Organization

West Road, Cambridge



Date: 6th August, 2012

Subject: Letter of Charity Engagement

Dear Trustees,

We are pleased to continue our appointment as your tax advisors, as it was decided on the last meeting that was held on 1st August 2012. This letter is being solicited with a purpose of clarifying our respective responsibilities on which we will act upon, during our contract tenure.

Please read the letter carefully as it denotes the basis on which we would be providing our services so as to avoid any misunderstanding in future.

Nature of services:

We would be providing tax related advises, consultation, assist in filing taxes of the forecasted financial year and responsible for conducting audit.

Fees arrangement:

Our fees should be computed on the basis of time spent for delivering any of a particular tax related services and the skill of our staff. Our hourly rate is £ 500. Moreover, we would also request our client to pay a proportion of our fees in a monthly standing order.

Records Ownership:

In case of non-payment of our fees for the services we have provided, we reserve the right of ownership on records in our possession and withhold the same until the full payment is not received.

Please confirm the engagement terms set on this letter by signing and returning a copy of it. Also, feel free to revert back for any further clarification.

Yours Faithfully,

George Haul

Executive Tax Advisor

Royal Financial Corp.

Cambridge, UK

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