Credit Letters

Credit Report Request Letter


Mr. Stanley Richard,


Credit Report Agency,

#8, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire,

London, WF12

Date : 25th March 2012

Subject : Request letter for issuance of credit report

Dear Mr. Stanley,

I am writing this letter to request for my credit report along with my financial information. I am herewith enclosing a demand draft for 50 pounds as processing fees for the issuance of the credit report. I am also enclosing along with this letter my passport copy along with proof of address for you to do the needful.

I need the credit report as soon as possible as I am applying for a mortgage loan and the mortgage agency needs my credit report for clearance of the loan. I have mis placed my earlier credit card statements when shifting my home recently and hence credit report is necessary from your agency for getting my loan application processed.

The mortgage agency has given me a deadline of one week to furnish the documents failing which my mortgage loan application will be rejected. I therefore request you to kindly process my request for credit report at the earliest and send it across to my address mentioned herewith.

Address : #1, Leeds, Yorkshire, London, London, LS6.

Thanking you in advance for a prompt service from your end.

Yours Sincerely,

Dorothy Stanford.


Different Types Of Letters

A letter is a medium through which one individual or group sends a piece of information to another person or party. A letter is generally written on a piece of paper but nowadays letters are sent though electronic medium as well. A letter is one of the most important ways to convey something to someone without having to make any physical contact or meeting the recipient in person. Earlier letters were written and sent on paper quite commonly but as technology grew, electronic mails or Emails became common and letters became rare. Letters serve many purposes including personal communication, business information communication, legal communication etc.

The following is a well detailed list of different types of letters. You can refer to it for help.

  • Business letters-business letters are those kinds of letters that are exchanged between business organizations to send and receive important business information or project details. There are many kinds of business letters such as cover letters, resignation letters, job application letters, employee introduction letters etc. Each of these letters is written by following a formal format of letter writing and is unique and important in their own way.

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  • Personal letters- a personal letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to his/her loved one or friend. These letters are casual in their tone and format of writing and serve many different purposes. A few major examples of personal letters are letter to a friend, letter to a relative, love letter etc.
  • Invitation letters- invitation letters are those kinds of letters which are written by a person to invite another person to an occasion or event. These letters can be either formal or personal in nature and are written with a request to the recipient to attend the event or occasion.

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  • Thank you letters- a thank you letter is a category of letters which is written to express gratitude or say thank you to a person or party. These letters are exchanged between business organizations, friends, relatives etc. Any thank you letter must be written with a genuine feeling of gratitude and thankfulness.

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  • Farewell letters- a farewell letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to wish another person a happy farewell. These letters are often written to colleagues, friends, relatives or loved ones on their farewell from work, a place, neighborhood etc. Farewell letters are written by following a casual format of letter writing.

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  • Holiday letters- a holiday letter is a kind of a letter which is sent on the occasion of a holiday. These letters are used to wish the recipient a good holiday or holiday season and can be written to colleagues, friends, relatives, loved ones etc. Holiday letters must express a feeling of happiness and good wishes.

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  • Welcome letters-welcome letters are those kinds of letters which are written to someone to welcome them to a party, organization, place, community group etc. These letters are generally written in a personalized manner to make the recipient feel extremely welcomed. Welcome letters are one of the most commonly type of letters.

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  • Sorry letters- a sorry letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to another to say sorry or ask for forgiveness. These letters are a way to apologize and are used in many cases and backgrounds. For example, a sorry letter can be written by a friend to another or even in the case of business disputes etc.

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  • Complaint letters- a complaint letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to another so as to complain about something. Many times, complaint letters are written by a person to register or file a complaint about a product or service provided by the recipient’s company or organization.

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  • Legal letters- legal letters are those letters which are written to convey information about legal matters. These letters can consist of legally binding terms and conditions and most of the times, contracts and agreements form part of legal letters. Legal letters are also quite commonly used.

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  • Goodbye letters-goodbye letters are those letters which are written by people to say bye to another person or group of people. Through these letters, people have an effective and useful way to bid goodbye to their loved ones. These letters are used both for formal and personal purposes.

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If you wish to read about other categories of letters, then you can refer to the following website:

This website will provide you with examples and samples of all kinds of letters.

Credit Letters

Credit Reference Request Letter


The Manager,

Global Bank of London,

#7, Bury, Lancashire,

London, BL0

Date : 29th April 2012

Subject : Issuance of reference letter

Dear Sir,

My name is Gordon Vera and I hold a savings account with your bank for the past 10 years. I have a very good record of transactions and relationship with your bank. I have always been proud to be a customer of your bank and received excellent service whenever I have visited your bank branch.

I am planning to start a new business venture with a reputed international company for export of products manufactured by me. For the purpose of this export order the company is seeking a credit reference letter to validate my creditworthiness for processing the order.

I therefore want your bank to issue me a credit reference letter that will help me to secure this export order. I am herewith enclosing all the documents necessary for your to issue me the credit reference letter at the earliest. This export order is of great importance for the continuity and success of my business. I hope that the bank will help me with my request for the credit reference letter and oblige me soon.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours Truly,

Estrada Jobson.


What Are Some Useful Tips For Writing Business Letters?

Any letter written for a business related purpose or for any kind of formal use is termed as a business letter. Any such letter is a formal document in which the user uses a formal and impersonal tone. A business letter is of many different types and is divided on the basis of the purpose of letter writing. For example, a letter used to apply for a job position is a business letter called as a job application letter whereas a letter used to resign from a company is called a resignation letter. If you wish to frame a perfect and technically correct business letter for your use, then the following given tips will prove to be very useful.

  • A business letter must follow a format which is used in formal letter writing. As per this format, the left hand margin should be used to start each line.
  • The recipient’s details should be mentioned at the beginning of the letter whereas the sender’s details are to be entered after the body of the letter.
  • A proper and formal opening salutation must consist of the name of the recipient who is addressed by using words like ‘respected’.
  • The date of letter writing must be written down in date/month/year format after the recipient’s details.
  • The subject line must be crisp and should effectively be able to convey the purpose for writing the letter. One must try and underline the subject line to highlight it to the reader.
  • The body of the letter is the main part of it and in a business letter; the body should be divided into short paragraphs. Do not divert from the main topic and try to sound as professional as possible.
  • The sender must enter his correct contact details after the body of the letter so that he/she can be contacted by the recipient.
Credit Letters

Credit Refusal Letter


Ms. Jennifer Abraham,

#12, Redruth, Cornwall,

London, TR16

Date : 12th August 2012

Subject : Refusal letter for credit request

Dear Ms. Jennifer,

We received your credit request application dated 01st August 2012. We regret to inform you that at the moment we are unable to process your credit request for varied reasons which have been explained as under.

Firstly we have set a certain benchmark for employees seeking credit with our bank. Your annual income does not meet the benchmark requirements that have been stipulated by our bank. Secondly our bank has a policy to provide credit to only those employees who work for A+ rated companies. Unfortunately the company you are presently working for is not part of the A+ rated companies. Lastly on evaluation of your credit card bills we have found that you have made late payment on your credit card outstanding more than five times in the preceding financial year. As our bank also has a policy not to issue credit to credit card defaulters who have defaulted more than three times in one financial year we will not be able to extend any credit to you.

We are returning back all the documents of employment, personal information and credit card statements submitted by you for obtaining the credit. We once again regret that we are unable to extend credit to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Teresa Gomes.

ABC Bank


10 Tips For Writing Business Letters

The letters that are exchanged between business organisations or companies so as to convey important information or have a reliable source of documentation are known as business letters. Business letters are of various kinds but each has to be written by following a formal format and a formal tone. A few types of business letters are resignation letters, new employee introduction letters, cover letter, application letters, contract letters etc. In order to frame a good business letter, one must keep certain points in mind. The following set of 10 tips will help you draft the perfect business letter for yourself irrespective of the category it falls under.

  1. Firstly, the sender must be clear about the exact nature and type of the letter he/she is writing and mention it in the subject of the letter.
  2. A formal format of writing in which every line begins from the left hand margin must be adopted to write any business letter.
  3. The details of the recipient such as his name, address etc must be mentioned at the beginning of the letter.
  4. The details of the sender such as name and contact number must be mentioned at the end and after the body of the letter.
  5. Do not forget to divide the body of the letter in atleast two paragraphs.
  6. Use the first part of the body as an introductory part where the reason for writing the letter is given.
  7. The second paragraph should be used to write the main details of the letter.
  8. If you have a third paragraph, then it should be used to wind up the letter and give it a proper closing statement.
  9. One must put his/her signature at the end of the letter just after the last paragraph.
  10. Do not forget to give a proper opening salutation in the letter.
Credit Letters

Credit Term Approval Letter


The Manager,

M/s Redruth Associates,

#12, Southampton,


London, SO45

Date : 05th March 2012

Subject : Approval of credit term

Dear  Sir,

We have received your application dated 25th February 2012 for enhancement of credit term for the credit availed from our bank. We are happy to inform you that we have approved increase in your term from 36 month to 48 months as per your application and request letter.

We have decided to grant the credit term increase by keeping in view your excellent performance and track record in the market. Also we have taken into consideration your long term relationship with our bank which has been to our satisfaction so far.

In order to help the process of credit term increase to be completed we request your company to execute the set of security documents the list of which has been enclosed with this letter. The documents that are required by our bank should be submitted in triplicate to our bank on or before 19th March 2012 for us to process your request before the close of our financial year.

Please give us your written agreement of acceptance of this credit term approval process along with all other documents you are submitting to us.

We are happy to extend the credit term for you and wish you good luck in all future business endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

Milton Keynes.

ABC Bank.


Tips For Writing Letters Of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to recommend another individual for a job position, academic program or any other title. These letters are generally attached by aspirants along with their application letters and resumes and give them enough backing. Letters of recommendation are used to state the reasons why the candidate is suitable for the position for which he/she is applying and talk about his/her positive points. These letters must be written based on the experience that the sender has had with applicant and must consist of only authentic details. If you are looking for a few tips and suggestions for writing letters of recommendation, then please refer to the following points.

  • The letter of recommendation must start with the name, designation and address of the recipient. You should also write the name of the organisation to which the letter is addressed to.
  • The date of writing of the letter must be mentioned in date/month/year format after the recipient’s details.
  • The subject line of the letter of recommendation must mention the name of the person for whom recommendation is being made.
  • In the body of the letter, you must state how you know the candidate and for how long you have known him/her. The body must be carefully divided into 2 or 3 parts and the second paragraph should be used to give the positive attributes and qualities of the candidate. Do not write any false information and try to stick to the honest points.
  • It is also important to mention the course that you taught to the applicant (if a teacher is writing the letter) or the position at which the candidate has worked for you (if you are a senior of the applicant).
  • Also, mention your own working position and name of organisation with which you are employed in the letter.
Credit Letters

Credit Application Approval Letter


Mr. Kay Chester,

Manager – Associated Company Ltd,

#44, Basingstoke, Hampshire,

London, RG22

Date : 15th March 2012

Subject : Intimation letter for approval of credit application

Dear Mr. Kay,

We are writing this letter in response to your application for credit from our bank last week. We have reviewed your application and have arrived at the decision that we are glad to offer you the credit that you need with immediate effect.

In order to get the credit application processed we will be opening a fresh credit account in the name of your company in our bank. We will also issue a credit account cheque book for this account through which you can transact in this account.

You can please find enclosed the terms and conditions that are required to be fulfilled by your company. Once you have read and understood the terms of the agreement please ensure to send it back to us. The agreement needs to be signed by the authorized signatory of your company and submit it to us for completion of the process. In case you have any clarification regarding the terms specified in the agreement please feel free to get back to our credit department.

We hope to have a great banking relationship with your company.

Yours Sincerely,

Polson Armanda.


Which Format Is Correct For Business Letters?

A business letter is a letter which is written in order to convey some business related information or pass certain details from a business company to another. Any business letter is a formal document and must be written by following a formal form of writing the letter. There are many different kinds of business letters such as cover letters, job application letters, resignation letters, employee introduction letters etc. To write a good business letter, it is important to get the format correct. If you are looking for tips to get a proper format of a business letter, then the following points shall be useful for you.

  • Since a business letter is a formal letter, it has to be framed using the formal style of letter writing. One needs to start the letter from the left margin and continue that way throughout the letter.
  • To start with, write down ‘To’ followed by the name, address, designation, company name of the recipient in the top left corner. Use not more than 3-4 lines for this part.
  • Writing the date is optional but it is always preferred that the date of letter writing is written in the traditional dd/mm/yy format.
  • After writing the date, the subject of the letter should be entered. One should state the reason for writing the letter in the subject line and keep it as brief as possible.
  • The subject should be followed by the formal salutation. This can include the title of the recipient or his/her name, if known.
  • Then follows the body of the letter which should be crisp and precisely written. Do not divulge from the main points and do not forget to enter the name of the job position for which you are applying in the company.
  • End the letter by a brief than you note and your signature along with your contact details.