Credit Letters

Credit Term Approval Letter


The Manager,

M/s Redruth Associates,

#12, Southampton,


London, SO45

Date : 05th March 2012

Subject : Approval of credit term

Dear  Sir,

We have received your application dated 25th February 2012 for enhancement of credit term for the credit availed from our bank. We are happy to inform you that we have approved increase in your term from 36 month to 48 months as per your application and request letter.

We have decided to grant the credit term increase by keeping in view your excellent performance and track record in the market. Also we have taken into consideration your long term relationship with our bank which has been to our satisfaction so far.

In order to help the process of credit term increase to be completed we request your company to execute the set of security documents the list of which has been enclosed with this letter. The documents that are required by our bank should be submitted in triplicate to our bank on or before 19th March 2012 for us to process your request before the close of our financial year.

Please give us your written agreement of acceptance of this credit term approval process along with all other documents you are submitting to us.

We are happy to extend the credit term for you and wish you good luck in all future business endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

Milton Keynes.

ABC Bank.

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