10 Tips For Writing Business Letters

The letters that are exchanged between business organisations or companies so as to convey important information or have a reliable source of documentation are known as business letters. Business letters are of various kinds but each has to be written by following a formal format and a formal tone. A few types of business letters are resignation letters, new employee introduction letters, cover letter, application letters, contract letters etc. In order to frame a good business letter, one must keep certain points in mind. The following set of 10 tips will help you draft the perfect business letter for yourself irrespective of the category it falls under.

  1. Firstly, the sender must be clear about the exact nature and type of the letter he/she is writing and mention it in the subject of the letter.
  2. A formal format of writing in which every line begins from the left hand margin must be adopted to write any business letter.
  3. The details of the recipient such as his name, address etc must be mentioned at the beginning of the letter.
  4. The details of the sender such as name and contact number must be mentioned at the end and after the body of the letter.
  5. Do not forget to divide the body of the letter in atleast two paragraphs.
  6. Use the first part of the body as an introductory part where the reason for writing the letter is given.
  7. The second paragraph should be used to write the main details of the letter.
  8. If you have a third paragraph, then it should be used to wind up the letter and give it a proper closing statement.
  9. One must put his/her signature at the end of the letter just after the last paragraph.
  10. Do not forget to give a proper opening salutation in the letter.

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