Credit Letters

Credit Refusal Letter


Ms. Jennifer Abraham,

#12, Redruth, Cornwall,

London, TR16

Date : 12th August 2012

Subject : Refusal letter for credit request

Dear Ms. Jennifer,

We received your credit request application dated 01st August 2012. We regret to inform you that at the moment we are unable to process your credit request for varied reasons which have been explained as under.

Firstly we have set a certain benchmark for employees seeking credit with our bank. Your annual income does not meet the benchmark requirements that have been stipulated by our bank. Secondly our bank has a policy to provide credit to only those employees who work for A+ rated companies. Unfortunately the company you are presently working for is not part of the A+ rated companies. Lastly on evaluation of your credit card bills we have found that you have made late payment on your credit card outstanding more than five times in the preceding financial year. As our bank also has a policy not to issue credit to credit card defaulters who have defaulted more than three times in one financial year we will not be able to extend any credit to you.

We are returning back all the documents of employment, personal information and credit card statements submitted by you for obtaining the credit. We once again regret that we are unable to extend credit to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Teresa Gomes.

ABC Bank

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