What Are Some Useful Tips For Writing Business Letters?

Any letter written for a business related purpose or for any kind of formal use is termed as a business letter. Any such letter is a formal document in which the user uses a formal and impersonal tone. A business letter is of many different types and is divided on the basis of the purpose of letter writing. For example, a letter used to apply for a job position is a business letter called as a job application letter whereas a letter used to resign from a company is called a resignation letter. If you wish to frame a perfect and technically correct business letter for your use, then the following given tips will prove to be very useful.

  • A business letter must follow a format which is used in formal letter writing. As per this format, the left hand margin should be used to start each line.
  • The recipient’s details should be mentioned at the beginning of the letter whereas the sender’s details are to be entered after the body of the letter.
  • A proper and formal opening salutation must consist of the name of the recipient who is addressed by using words like ‘respected’.
  • The date of letter writing must be written down in date/month/year format after the recipient’s details.
  • The subject line must be crisp and should effectively be able to convey the purpose for writing the letter. One must try and underline the subject line to highlight it to the reader.
  • The body of the letter is the main part of it and in a business letter; the body should be divided into short paragraphs. Do not divert from the main topic and try to sound as professional as possible.
  • The sender must enter his correct contact details after the body of the letter so that he/she can be contacted by the recipient.

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