Different Types Of Letters

A letter is a medium through which one individual or group sends a piece of information to another person or party. A letter is generally written on a piece of paper but nowadays letters are sent though electronic medium as well. A letter is one of the most important ways to convey something to someone without having to make any physical contact or meeting the recipient in person. Earlier letters were written and sent on paper quite commonly but as technology grew, electronic mails or Emails became common and letters became rare. Letters serve many purposes including personal communication, business information communication, legal communication etc.

The following is a well detailed list of different types of letters. You can refer to it for help.

  • Business letters-business letters are those kinds of letters that are exchanged between business organizations to send and receive important business information or project details. There are many kinds of business letters such as cover letters, resignation letters, job application letters, employee introduction letters etc. Each of these letters is written by following a formal format of letter writing and is unique and important in their own way.

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  • Personal letters- a personal letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to his/her loved one or friend. These letters are casual in their tone and format of writing and serve many different purposes. A few major examples of personal letters are letter to a friend, letter to a relative, love letter etc.
  • Invitation letters- invitation letters are those kinds of letters which are written by a person to invite another person to an occasion or event. These letters can be either formal or personal in nature and are written with a request to the recipient to attend the event or occasion.

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  • Thank you letters- a thank you letter is a category of letters which is written to express gratitude or say thank you to a person or party. These letters are exchanged between business organizations, friends, relatives etc. Any thank you letter must be written with a genuine feeling of gratitude and thankfulness.

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  • Farewell letters- a farewell letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to wish another person a happy farewell. These letters are often written to colleagues, friends, relatives or loved ones on their farewell from work, a place, neighborhood etc. Farewell letters are written by following a casual format of letter writing.

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  • Holiday letters- a holiday letter is a kind of a letter which is sent on the occasion of a holiday. These letters are used to wish the recipient a good holiday or holiday season and can be written to colleagues, friends, relatives, loved ones etc. Holiday letters must express a feeling of happiness and good wishes.

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  • Welcome letters-welcome letters are those kinds of letters which are written to someone to welcome them to a party, organization, place, community group etc. These letters are generally written in a personalized manner to make the recipient feel extremely welcomed. Welcome letters are one of the most commonly type of letters.

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  • Sorry letters- a sorry letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to another to say sorry or ask for forgiveness. These letters are a way to apologize and are used in many cases and backgrounds. For example, a sorry letter can be written by a friend to another or even in the case of business disputes etc.

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  • Complaint letters- a complaint letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to another so as to complain about something. Many times, complaint letters are written by a person to register or file a complaint about a product or service provided by the recipient’s company or organization.

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  • Legal letters- legal letters are those letters which are written to convey information about legal matters. These letters can consist of legally binding terms and conditions and most of the times, contracts and agreements form part of legal letters. Legal letters are also quite commonly used.

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  • Goodbye letters-goodbye letters are those letters which are written by people to say bye to another person or group of people. Through these letters, people have an effective and useful way to bid goodbye to their loved ones. These letters are used both for formal and personal purposes.

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