Which Format Is Correct For Business Letters?

A business letter is a letter which is written in order to convey some business related information or pass certain details from a business company to another. Any business letter is a formal document and must be written by following a formal form of writing the letter. There are many different kinds of business letters such as cover letters, job application letters, resignation letters, employee introduction letters etc. To write a good business letter, it is important to get the format correct. If you are looking for tips to get a proper format of a business letter, then the following points shall be useful for you.

  • Since a business letter is a formal letter, it has to be framed using the formal style of letter writing. One needs to start the letter from the left margin and continue that way throughout the letter.
  • To start with, write down ‘To’ followed by the name, address, designation, company name of the recipient in the top left corner. Use not more than 3-4 lines for this part.
  • Writing the date is optional but it is always preferred that the date of letter writing is written in the traditional dd/mm/yy format.
  • After writing the date, the subject of the letter should be entered. One should state the reason for writing the letter in the subject line and keep it as brief as possible.
  • The subject should be followed by the formal salutation. This can include the title of the recipient or his/her name, if known.
  • Then follows the body of the letter which should be crisp and precisely written. Do not divulge from the main points and do not forget to enter the name of the job position for which you are applying in the company.
  • End the letter by a brief than you note and your signature along with your contact details.

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